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Lynx Fur

Lynx Fur Vest


An exotic , genuine lynx fur vest made of US CITES certified bobcat lynx fur skins . Wild ,spotted , silky long hair fur , supple , warm and durable . The natural palette of earthly tones mixed with spotted white make a combination of sheer beauty. A...

Lynx Fur Bolero


This genuine lynx fur , cites approved bolero is a small jewel for your wardrobe. Hundreds of dots blending with natural earthly colors into a dazzling combination of elegance and fine taste.Closes with two furrier hooks and loops and interior is lined...

Full Length Lynx Fur Coat White Fox Sleeves Cobra Hood


This stunning , full length lynx fur coat with fox fur sleeves and trim , featuring a majestic cobra hood lined with white fox is meant to be noticed. High quality lynx fur with solid touches of white fox. Slightly tapered waist and wide bottom sweep...

Fur Coat Lynx White Spotted Fox Collar and Cuffs


A gorgeous lynx fur coat featuring a majestic white spotted fox fur collar with matching solid fox cuffs .Lined with Šsatin tiger stripe print lining and closes with three furrier hooks and loops. Long , sleak lynx bobcat fur with hundreds of spots...

Mink Lynx Fur Jacket Black


A hybrid women's fur jacket . Upper half is made of lynx fur and lower half of black sheared mink fur . A fit in pattern with tapered waist and wide bottom sweep . Closes with furrier hooks & loops , has side pockets and waist & sleeves fasten...

Canadian Lynx Fur Cape Hood Belt


A canadian lynx fur cape featuring a solid hood made of fur on both sides and a matching lynx fur belt. Made of sectional genuine canadian lynx fur. The hood is trimmed with matching fin raccoon trim . 


Lynx Coat Desert Flower

$3,000.00 $2,000.00

Stimulate all sensations with this exciting hooded lynx fur coat ,designed to cause a visual statement , turn heads and receive compliments , while keeping you warm and comfortable. A garment that feels good and looks good. Nature's wild beauty , a...

Lynx Fur Coat Shoulder Collar with White Fox Fur Cuffs and Trim


This stunning , lynx fur coat features a majestic shoulder covering collar accentuated with white finnish silky fox fur trim which compliments the bottom sweep of the coat as well. Matching solid white fox fur cuffs. Long haired , spotted , exotic silky...