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Men's Fur Coats

Mens fur coats are a great addition to a man's wardorbe . Not only made to keep you warm during harsh winter but also they serve as a display of style , status and serve the modern man's need to be unique and stand out of the pack The most popular mens fur coats are made of mink , coyote , raccoon lamb and chinchilla fur. 

Let's face it though , the male fur market is not as big as women's market and thus the available mens furs are limited in supply , color and design variety. Mens fur garments are expensive to make and stocking a big amount means commitment of a huge capital for a company and this translates in high price tags. Skandinavik Fur is no different in this aspect . However what makes us different is that we are fur makers and handle any type of fur and have a a large number of male patterns and talented designers at our disposal  to help you create the fur of your dreams at a fraction of the cost but not a fraction of the quality. Just contact us!

Cross Fox Mens Fur Coat


A sheer display of power and status the cross fox fur coat will leave no doubts of who is the alpha.  The dense , long haired , rugged SAGA cross fox fur  is imposing and a feast for the eye. A style oozing testosterone and defiance, augmented...

Blue Frost Fox Mens Fox Fur Coat


Imposing , awe-inspiring SAGA fur long coat. Make a strong  statement with the ultra masculine  design. Dense , solid blue frost fox pelts , stitched skin to skin and an oversized notched ,shawl collar.