Multicolor Floral Fox Fur Coat


A vivacious , bright color combinations. Inspire optimism and a ray of sunshine to your surroundings and receive positive feedback with the floral fox fur coat.

Multicolor Fox Coat Aegean Magic


The Aegean magic fox fur coat goes the extra mile and features a playful , long haired addition of dark blue fox to spice up an otherwise classic silver and white combo. Minimalistic stand up collar...

Multicolor Fox Fur Coat Low Cut


A balanced combination of red fox and silver long haired fur designed to turn heads without crying out loud. The matte finish, tones down the extravagant fox hair and results in a balanced overall...

Multicolor Fox Fur Jacket Fully Let Out


Optimistic , fun and creative look . The bright colors and floral patterns create a unique look , to be found nowhere else. Look special , be special.

Multicolor Hooded Fox Coat


Not your standard fox fur coat. Unique and fresh color combination . Bold and playful with an artistic touch. Lightweight and at the same time ultra warm. Soft , silky texture.By wearing it , you are...

Off White Fox Fur Vest waist length skins sewn oblique

Off White Fox Fur Vest

R$2,511 R$2,265

Luscious platina fox fur with diagonal pattern , fit in waist and widened bottom sweep. Pair it with black leather pants for a black and white look.

Purple Fox Fur Coat


Oversized notched collar provides an excellent frame to showcase that wonderful make up and boost the elegant lady look. The feathered fox reduces volume while retaining the coat's warmth , even at...

Purple Fox Fur Coat 4/5 length


The 4/5 length purple fox fur coat  features an A-shape design with wide bottom sweep and a low profile collar. The soft purple color will  easily match make up and popular lipstick colors...

Purple Fox Fur Coat Aisha


The Aisha purple fox fur coat is a discreet adddition to your wardrobe. The undertoned purple color will reflect soft light , easily match widely used lipstick colors and thus create a color harmony...

Red Fox 4/5 Full Length Fur Coat


A 4/5 of full length red fox fur coat featuring a shawl collar . Made of fully let out finnish fox fur skins. A timeless , always in fashion garment Firey red fox pelts and looks, designed to receive...

Red Fox Fur Jacket Elbow Sleeves Diagonal Pattern


Feminine , classy and never out of fashion. The diagonal pattern is proven to elongate and slenderize the look of your silhouette. Elaborate , pleasing to the eye pattern . Wear with your hair pulled...

green and black fully let out fox fur coat with padded shoulders

Retro Green Black Fox Fur Coat

R$9,059 R$7,046

80's retro style fur coat with padded shoulder and tube core cut. Nostalgic , all time classic and ultra cool . Easy to pair and match with any black piece on your wardrobe. 

Reversible Leather Fox Bomber Jacket


Defy the weather in style with this robust bomber jacket. Made of  treated , waterproof lamb leather and gris fox fur that provide warmth , breathability ,comfort and one of a kind look. Whether...

Russian Sable Fur Coat Shawl Collar


Featuring a notched collar and an A-shape ,silhouette flattering cut the silky Russian sable fur coat  is an all time classic piece. Hand stitched lining and impeccable craftmanship by...

Short Black Fox Fur Jacket


The short black fox fur coat is for the woman that wants to add a subtle layer of drama ,luxury and mystery to her look without being over the top. The short sleeves allow space for displaying your...