Womens Fur

Green Mink Vest


Sleek, modern design with a stand-up collar that seamlessly connects to the main body and creates a torso lengthening effect. Wear it with a sleeveless shirt. Ideal for the ladies with slim arms. The fur and natural skin contrast has a unique sex appeal.

Burgundy Hooded Mink Fur Coat


Rich burgundy color that enhances the look of ladies with dark complexion or fair skinned when paired with matching lipstick. Luscious silver fox trim on the hood and solid cuffs. Cannot get posher than this.

Sapphire Mongolian Lamb Fur Coat


Enjoy the lightweight comfort and warmth of an all-natural, breathable fabric. Oversized fit, smooth texture, and versatility in looks. Pair with leather pants and get that celebrity look or dress down with track pants and get a cool, casual chick...

Epaulette Sable Fur Vest


Timeless trend style model, this Russian sable fur vest offers a beautiful natural stripes whether worn open or buttoned for drama. Its refine workshipman makes this a wonderful investment piece you'll wear for years to come. *100% sable fur.* Contrast:...

Sable Fur Vest


Exquisite model, this gold sable fur vest offers a beautiful natural stripes whether worn open or buttoned for drama. Its refine workshipman makes this a wonderful investment piece you'll wear for years to come. *100% sable fur.* Contrast: 100% satin.*...

Long Golden Sable Fur Coat


The stunning  sable coat features the softest, fullest stripes of richly colored sable fur from head to toe. Rich caramel brown and flecks of gold provide exquisite, authentic color that only comes from the highest quality furs. The strips of fur...

Brown Hooded Persian Lamb Fur Coat Yvonne

Brown Hooded Persian Lamb Fur Coat Yvonne

$2,000.00 $1,200.00

The Yvonne fur coat has an A-shaped cut with a moderately tapered waist. The hood is accentuated with a multiple tone crystal fox fur trim that serves a collar when the hood is off. Made of young Persian lamb pelts with wavy patterns. The hair is short...

Dark Purple Fox Fur Coat


Modern, sexy, and sassy. Dark purple tones of long-haired fox fur are combined with elastic cuffs and collar and accentuated with a black leather belt. Walk with confidence and steal the show with this bohemian luxury piece. 

Green Chinchilla Fur Jacket Calypso


The Calypso chinchilla fur jacket has a modern structured cut. The tapering is maximal below the chest line and gradually widens at the lower part of the jacket. The “volcano” shaped, stand-up collar adds a modern touch to the design...

chinchilla fur coat with wide bottom sweep

Chinchilla Fur Coat Élise

$5,900.00 $4,400.00

The Elise chinchilla coat has a feminine cut with a widened bottom sweep. The vertically oriented skins create skirt that drapes around the hip line and floats with grace while you are walking. Accentuated by a mid-sized shawl collar. Extremely supple...

Black Persian Lamb Fur Coat Juliet


 The Juliet persian lamb coat is a classic piece of fashion with crisp lines. The A-line of the garment can easily shift to a tapered waist with the handmade  genuine leather belt. A well balanced  , dark toned , silver fox fur collar adds...

Sable Fur Coat Knee Length


 Opt in for a royal look with the knee length sable fur coat. The classic shawl collar is flattering to any face and never out of style. Warm, earthly tones that will match your brown and beige pieces of your wardrobe. Sable fur matches the sheen of...

Hooded Green Fox Fur Vest


Turn heads with the bright green hooded fox fur vest. Dare to wear with a sleeveless shirt and instantly turn into the hottest presence in the room. 

Black Cross Hooded Mink Fur Coat Toronto

$2,600.00 $2,000.00

Blend in with the winter scenery in style. The Toronto hooded fur coat will keep you warm during your vacations on that ski resort and will be an indispensable companion. The zipper closure adds to the sporty look. Made of Purple quality Copenhagen mink...

Broadtail Lamb Fur Coat With Mink Cuffs & Hem

Broadtail Lamb Fur Coat With Mink Cuffs & Hem

$900.00 $400.00

A  work of fine art, meticulous workmanship and precision. Silky broadtail lamb pelts with exquisite sheen are combined with black mink fur in a sophisticated design.  Editor's note: Broadtail is known as one of the most expensive fur types ...

Ginger Fox Fur Bomber Jacket


Step out of the ordinary with the funky , swagger  look of the ginger fox fur bomber jacket. Plush Saga fox fur in a ginger white combination with sleeve stripes ,referring to a relaxed college look. Boxy cut and low profile collar.Pair with...

Sheared Brown Beaver Fur Coat With Cobra Hood


 A solid fur coat for serious characters. Form and function work together to produce a supple, comfortable, and imposing piece. Made of sheared beaver fur sewn in chevron pattern and featuring a robust cobra hood lined with fox fur that serves as an...

Hooded Chinchilla Coat Mid Hip Length


 A posh chinchilla coat with a lavish hood made of chinchilla in and out . Kopenhaagen chinchilla pelts and silk handstitched lining.Butterfly shaped hood closure. Experience the most plush texture and warmth with a Skandinavik Fur Chinchilla  

Mid Hip Chinchilla Fur Coat Stand Up Collar


 Extravagant luxury with no compromise. The full pelt vertical array at the hem that continues on the inside of the coat and the royal wide collar will leave the competition behind. Supple Kopenhaagen fur pelts and handstitched silk lining.

Silver Fox Fur Coat Hip Length Fully Let out


The 80’s look is so back and this let out silver fox fur coat is so definitve of the real Lady look.  The luscious collar with side arches contrasts lovely with the low nap upper part of the coat. V-shaped stitching on the lower part and...

Striped Mahogany Mink Coat


If you are into a modern, urban look then the mahogany mink fur jacket is for you. The intermediate brown leather stripes reduce volume, while the drawstrings serve to create a casual look when pulled. 

Off White Mink Fur Jacket

$1,900.00 $1,500.00

Supple and cozy, this off-white jacket will be your best companion this winter. Modern, minimalistic, collarless design. Pair it with faded jeans or white dress pants. Made of SAGA mink skins and entirely handmade by Skandinavik Fur’s artisans...

Navy Sheared Hooded Beaver Fur Coat


Clean ,sharp lines for a crisp and elegant look. This two tone sheared beaver fur coat features comfort and a classy attitude. Excellent texture and craftmanship .

turqoise mink fur coat women's

Turqoise Mink Fur Coat 3/4 Length

$1,900.00 $1,500.00

Be fresh , original and interesting with our uniquely dyed , fully let out mink fur creation . Featuring a dual look collar that can be worn standing or pulled down ,accentuated with a luxury button. If you must stand out from the rest this coat is the...

Diagonal Sable Fur Coat


Elaborate, obliquely cut Russian sable fur pelts are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Widened bottom sweep  and a rounded stand up collar.  Posh , silky smooth sable coming at the light tone range. 

Mahogany Mink Short Jacket & Sable Collar


Pair it with brown shades, leather pants and a black bag with bronze chains and there you have it. A classy yet sexy look that you can effortlessly pull out. Dual tone mink fur skins, enhanced by a rounded genuine Sable fur collar. Clean, crisp and on a...

Black Cross Fully Let out Mink Stroller


A retro classic mink fur coat with epaulettes, fit in waist and wide bottom sweep. Made with the fully let out technique and a well-defined shape. The natural black cross mink skins create a unique color pattern. 

Blue Black Fox Fur Vest Hooded


Alluring and iresistible , the fully let out hooded fox fur vest will magnetize compliments . Enjoy the silhouette enhancing tapered waist  and the wide rounded collar effect of the hood when it is off. The hand stitched satin lining compliments the...

Bobcat Persian Princess Lynx Fur Coat


A display of sophisticated and fine taste. The persian princess fur coat  features a haute-couture design , perfectly balancing the exotic look of lynx with the purity and finesse of broadtail lamb, Narrow waist and widened bottom sweep add to the...

Bobcat Lynx & Sable Fur Coat


A harmonious combination of  two of the most luxurious fur types , lynx and sable. Chic ,collarless design with cropped sleeves and "balloon" core. Finesse ,exotic matterials and uniqueness at their best. Try it with long leather gloves !