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Full Length Broadtail Lamb Fur Black Swan


Enjoy the warmth and luxurious softness of a full-length fur coat with a silky, flattering profile. Unlike other plush furs that stack in pelt rows, the Italian tanned Persian broadtail lamb fur features an elegant sheen and excellent drape. The tall...

Long Chinchilla Fur Coat Hooded


Mesmerizingly luxurious the long hooded chinchilla fur coat features a diagonal stitching pattern and a classic A-line. The generous hood continues to a shawl collar when off. Kopenaahagen chinchilla pelts, hand stitched silk lining with the craftmanship...

Chinchilla fur coat Hooded


Skandinavik Women's Chinchilla Fur Coat .Soft, Silky Luxury Winter Wear . European Quality Warm Elegance . A gorgeous, long winter coat for women, our chinchilla furs are made with premium, natural chinchilla that is soft and beautifully colored...

Bold Green Chinchilla Coat


Take the beauty and glamour of genuine chinchilla fur up a notch with stunning emerald green coloring. Luxurious pelts are hand-sewn onto the jacket in perfect horizontal rows and lined with black satin. The 23-inch body subtly tucks in at your narrowest...

Russian Sable Fur Coat Shawl Collar


Featuring a notched collar and an A-shape ,silhouette flattering cut the silky Russian sable fur coat  is an all time classic piece. Hand stitched lining and impeccable craftmanship by Skandinavik Fur's artisans carrying a 60 year old tradition in...

Chinchilla Fur Coat Bell Bottom Sleeves


Natural handcrafted chinchilla fur coat with rounded stand up collar and bell bottom sleeves , made of Kopenhaagen fur pelts. Plush texture , handstitched silk lining. Wear with black or gray slacks.

Hooded Chinchilla Coat Mid Hip Length


 A posh chinchilla coat with a lavish hood made of chinchilla in and out . Kopenhaagen chinchilla pelts and silk handstitched lining.Butterfly shaped hood closure. Experience the most plush texture and warmth with a Skandinavik Fur Chinchilla  

Diagonal Sable Fur Coat


Elaborate, obliquely cut Russian sable fur pelts are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Widened bottom sweep  and a rounded stand up collar.  Posh , silky smooth sable coming at the light tone range. 

Golden Brown Sable Fur Coat with Slits


Wrap yourself around the posh Russian sable fur coat and enjoy the silky texture with the royal look. The above the wrist cropped sleeves will allow the display of jewelry , while the flare of the bell bottom shape along woth the widened bottom sweep...

Sable fur Jacket Mid Hip


Chocolate , silky smooth sable fur coat with fairly narrowed waistline and widened at the hips. Stand up , overlapping collar and hand stiched silk lining. Pair with black , beiges or light browns.   

Hooded Chinchilla Coat


Refined luxury mid hip chinchilla coat with diagonal stitching of Kopenhaagen fur pelts and a solid , oversized , generous hood made of fur inside out , turning into a shawl collar when off. Genuine silk lining stitched by hand. Enjoy high levels of...

Chinchilla Fur Coat Mid Hip Length Dilayla


The A-shape design is both classic and silhouette flattering. Featuring a stand up or lay down collar for diversity in looks. The chinchilla fur contnues 2 inches at the inside of the coat before meeting the hand stitched lining. Kopenhaagen fur pelts...

Long Chinchilla Coat Hooded 3/4 Length Anne-Marie


The Anne-Marie chinchilla coat is stacked with confidence. Lush, thick grey chinchilla pelts are horizontally arranged from the hooded collar down to the 3/4-length hem and lined with black satin. With long, fitted sleeves and hidden hook and loop...

Chinchilla Fur Cape Isabelle


The Isabelle fur cape creates unique lines with a classic shape. Luscious, fluffy chinchilla fur pelts are arranged in diagonal rows with a layered collar and draped sleeves. Sourced from a Copenhagen fur auction, this chinchilla fur is lined with black...

Sable Fur Coat Knee Length Vanessa


The knee-length Vanessa coat features plush, ultra-soft pelts of light golden Russian sable fur in horizontal rows. The eye-catching coat features a silk lining for a luxurious feel and durable design from the stand-up collar to the knee-length hem...

Russian Sable Fur Cape Hooded Domenica


The Domenica cape features a flowing, stacked design that elegantly wraps you in warmth. Perfect for both casual winter wear and formal events, this Russian two tone brown sable fur cape shows off the silky shine and plush, ultra-soft feel of the finest...

Golden Russian Sable Fur Coat Hooded


Plush, ultra-soft lines of Russian golden sable fur are horizontally set in rows across the tailored body, which features a slightly tapered waist and a flaring bottom sweep. Pull on the generous hood for added warmth and enjoy the luxe feel of the silk...

Golden Russian Sable Fur Jacket Fit in


Play up your proportions! This tailored Russian golden sable fur coat defines your waist whether you wear it open or closed. The shiny, plush pelts are stitched diagonally across the body to create the subtle v-neck and pull in at your smallest point...

Electric Blue Chinchilla Coat


Combine bold electric blue fur coloring with a classic jacket fit for a look that excels in every fashion season. The modest stand-up collar contrasts the effortless, clean look of horizontal chinchilla fur pelts across the body and sleeves. 4/5 cropped...

Sable Jacket Silver Frost


Obliquely cut Russian sable fur pelts with silver tips , creating a fit in waist jacket with widened bottom sweep. Modern , minimalistic collar and wrist cropped sleeves. Hand stiched lining and craftmanship by artisans carrying a 60 year old tradition...

Sable Jacket Royale


Make a statement with the luxurious Sable Fur Coat. Thick strips of silky sable fur glisten with a deep brown coloring and glossy silver flecks. The full coat features 3/4-sleeves that end just past the elbow to pair with elegant bracelets and bangles...

V-shape Sable Fur Stroller


Make a statement with the eye-catching sable fur stroller . Each piece of sable fur is expertly matched to have glimmering flecks of bright gold and white in a consistent light brown coloring. Wrap yourself in softness with plush stripes of luxurious...

Elbow Sleeved Sable Fur Stroller


Accentuate your long, lean frame and create a stunning silhouette with this sable fur coat High quality dark brown sable furs are hand stitched together to create vertical stripes with subtle overlay. A short collar breaks the pattern to wrap softly...

Bat Style Sable Fur Jacket MEXA PELZMANTEL


Dress for every elegant event with a touch of mystique and drama. This sable fur jacket features richly colored dark sable fur, which glimmers with silver flecks in the dense, plush stripes of soft sable fur.A simple lifted collar stands up to wrap your...

Finesse Chinchilla Fur Coat


A genuine chinchilla fur coat made of fine quality ,farm raised , Argentinian chinchilla skins .Featuring low cut collarcollar, slightly tapered waist , widened bell bottom sleeves and wide bottom sweep . Made with manufacturing excellence. Lined with...