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White Fox Fur Coat "Blue Fox"


Made of pelts coming directly from northern Finland. The arctic circle climate provides the ideal condition for super long haired pelts of high density and incomparable hair quality. This fur coat is brand new ,silky , plush and supple Ultra high...

Asymetric Blue Hooded Fox Vest


Not your standard fox fur vest , the oblique side cuts and the rich texture of the asymmetric fox fur vest is what sets it apart. Made of sectional silver fox fur dyed in deep blue.Pair it with black leather pants and a matching handbag.Modern , warm ,...

Beige Raccoon Fur Coat


A Beige , full skin , raccoon fur coat. Wonderful and unique color combination which will attract attention without being over the top. Thick and warm raccoon fur skins and specially dressed in tannery for a supple sensation.

Black Fox Fur Plate


ÊÊBlack ÊÊfoxÊbellies ÊÊÊfur sectional plate that can be made to a fur blanket or use it to make coats jackets , vests and any other fur productÊ. The products are dispalyed without the insertion of lining so that we have versatility in sizes and...

Black Fox Fur Jacket Lara


An essential fox fur jacket to escort you with finesse to any occasion. You cannot go wrong wiht the Lara fox jacket whether it is a formal occasion , a fancy restaurant or a cocktail party. Spruce up your look with wrist jewelry and an elegant hair tie...

Black Fox Fur Vest Hood Leather Waist


A black fox fur vest featuring a solid fox fur hood . Leather waist with elastic properties (elastic string attached from the inside). Lined with black silk lining , side pockets and closes with hooks & loops . Fur turns 1.5 inside prior meeting the...


Black Mink Fur Bomber Jacket

R$13,871 R$10,670

 Walking downtown will never be the same again with the black luscious mink bomber jacket with a matching genuine leather belt , elasticized waist and cuffs. Add luxury and style to your casual moments and receive endless compliments. The stand up...

Black n' White Short Beaver Fur Jacket Stand up Collar


Not your typical fur jacket , this sheared black and white beauty with its sharp lines will make a statement of refined elegance . Comfortable , ultra supple and low volume carrying a european , sportive finesse. Ideal for everyday use .Tapered waist ,...

Black Racoon fur Coat


Absolutely stunning Luxury gift/Racoon Fur coat/Fur jacket full skin / Wedding,or anniversary present ! So elegant and cozy.You would love to wear it during cold winter days! Very beautiful coat!Fur coats are one of the hottest crazes in the fashion...

Black Sheared Rex Rabbit Stroller Silver Trim


A black sheared Rex Rabbit fur stroller featuring silver fox trim . Lined with black silk inner linng & lamb's wool support for sharp shape definition . Closes with furrier hooks & loops , plus neck luxury button . Side pockets. Wide bottom sweep and...

Black Striped Fox Fur Coat


Designed to fulfill your need to be special with an  blend of artistic and sportive style. The classic fox fur jacket with the luscious shawl collar is updated to a contemporary look. 

Blue and White Beaver Fur Coat


Blue and white beaver fur coat with modern striped and contrast design, tapered waist and bell bottom sleeves. Unique look that stands out of the rest and adds personality . 

Blue Black Fox Fur Vest Hooded


Alluring and iresistible , the fully let out hooded fox fur vest will magnetize compliments . Enjoy the silhouette enhancing tapered waist  and the wide rounded collar effect of the hood when it is off. The hand stitched satin lining compliments the...