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Bobcat Lynx Fur Coat Hooded Sectional


A bohemian rendering of a classic hooded style. The rugged  , long haired lynx sections promote a wild ,"rockstar" look. The cot weighing at 5.5 pounds , comes heavy and stiffer compared to typical lynx -Yet the extra warmth and durability will...

Golden Island Fox Fur Vest Let Out Aysel


The golden island fox fur vest's color palette with reds, browns and whites , is an exotic addition to your wardrobe. Match it with beige pants and brown castor leather boots. Made with skin to skin technique at the front and a feathered rear part. The...

Black Fox Fur Coat 4/5 length Sectional


The 4/5 length black fox fur coat is a value proposition of an A-shape , wide bottom sweep design made of sectional fox . Long hair , lightweight and warm. Easy to match colorwise. Style it with leather or elastic belts and play with different textures...

Short Chinchilla Jacket with Short Sleeves Arya


Each plush pelt of grey chinchilla fur shines with stunning sheen. The Arya jacket is handmade and features a short 18-inch body that hits just above the hips with matching elbow-length sleeves. The tall, plush collar, fitted sleeves, and straight body...

Bobcat Lynx Fur Coat Snow Queen


Like the elusive unicorn seen in fairy tales , the pure white lynx fur coat is perhaps the most expensive and rarest fur piece. Contact us before ordering for availability.  

Sable Fur Jacket Monique


The Monique jacket features a sassy, boxy fit with wide 4/5 sleeves, pockets on the hip, and a tall, wrapped collar. A matching leather belt at the waist pulls in at your narrowest point and adds a sleek, smooth accessory to contrast the ultra-shiny,...

Chinchilla Fur Jacket Turtle Neck Collar


Thick, plush horizontal stripes of chinchilla fur feature a glossy, brilliant sheen and ultra-soft texture. The handmade jacket is made with Copenhagen auction pelts and is lined with black satin. Hidden hook and loop closures allow the 22-inch body to...

Long Green Chinchilla Fur Vest


Get an out of the ordinary look with deep green chinchilla fur vest , combined with cashmere wool. Display your sophisticated taste with a high fashion , European look and defy the weather with the warmth and comfort of chinchilla in the most luxurious...

Bold Green Chinchilla Coat


Take the beauty and glamour of genuine chinchilla fur up a notch with stunning emerald green coloring. Luxurious pelts are hand-sewn onto the jacket in perfect horizontal rows and lined with black satin. The 23-inch body subtly tucks in at your narrowest...

Chinchilla Coat V-neck Collar


A waist length, chinchilla fur jacket with a v-neck collar ,made of supple north european chinchilla fur pelts. Sensational texture and amazing beauty meant to flatter and receive compliments .

Gray Mink fur coat With Silver fox Collar


Stand out with this icy cool gray mink and silver fox fur coat. The main jacket is carefully constructed with wide stripes of smooth, dense mink fur. Mink is exceptionally warm and the careful layering and sewing of these pelts creates a smooth jacket...

Emerald Green Mink fur coat With Fox collar


There's nothing more luxurious than smooth mink fur and rich jewel tone colors. This designer fur coat features a classic length that hits just below the hips and long sleeves that protect from the cold with coverage down to the wrists. A deep-V collar...

Pink Racoon Fur coat


Absolutely stunning Luxury gift/Racoon Fur coat/Fur jacket full skin / Wedding,or anniversary present ! So elegant and cozy.You would love to wear it during cold winter days! Very beautiful coat!Fur coats are one of the hottest crazes in the fashion...

Red Racoon fur Coat


Absolutely stunning Luxury gift/Racoon Fur coat/Fur jacket full skin / Wedding,or anniversary present ! So elegant and cozy.You would love to wear it during cold winter days! Very beautiful coat!Fur coats are one of the hottest crazes in the fashion...

Chinchilla fur coat Hooded


Skandinavik Women's Chinchilla Fur Coat .Soft, Silky Luxury Winter Wear . European Quality Warm Elegance . A gorgeous, long winter coat for women, our chinchilla furs are made with premium, natural chinchilla that is soft and beautifully colored...

Black Swakara Lamb Fur Coat


A black Swakara lamb fur coat .Made of high quality genuine swakara lamb fur skins which are highly apraised for their sheen , short wavy curles and timeless elegance. A formal , aristocratic coat made to last for years. The interior is lined with black...

Black Mink fur coat with Lynx Hood


Wrap yourself in luxurious furs and show off your personality with an attention-grabbing lynx fur hood. Deep black mink furs are layered with precision to create seamless lines across the body. You??“ll love the dense, plush softness that each fur pelt...

Black Mink Fur Coat Silver Fox Fur Collar


 This silky black mink fur coat combined with long haired silver fox fur from the arctic circle is a classic , classy blend of quality and looks.An all round coat ideal for any circumstance. Enjoy the thick , soft mink fur and feel embraced by the...

Mahogany Mink Fur Coat Crystal Fox Collar


A mahogany mink fur coat made of full danish mink skins escorted by a perfectly matching luscious finnish crystal fox collar that continues along the hem as trim. Put this coat on , on a formal occasion or for everyday use and experience the rich , silky...

Chinchilla Rex Fur Coat Hooded Mid Hip Length


This rex chinchilla colored fox fur coat with hood is simply stunning. Rich underfur and buttery soft texture . Great looks and excellent feel to the touch. A popular and beloved fur type , rex has gained confidence of buyers around the world, Closes...

Fur Coat Bobcat Lynx White Spotted Fox Collar and Cuffs


A gorgeous lynx fur coat featuring a majestic white spotted fox fur collar with matching solid fox cuffs .Lined with Šsatin tiger stripe print lining and closes with three furrier hooks and loops. Long , sleak lynx bobcat fur with hundreds of spots...

Gray Persian Lamb Fur Coat


A gray persian lamb fur coat featuring a matching fox fur collar . Lined with silk inner lining and closes with furrier hooks & loops plus luxury button , side pokets , below knee length . The orogin of the persian lamb fur pelts is from Namimbia

Blue Fox Fur Vest Hooded


ŠA blue fox fur vest . Featuring a solid fox fur hood . Closes with furrier hooks and loops . Made of arctic blue fox fur pelts . The fox fur turns 1,5 inches prior meeting the lining . This blue fox vest is line with white satin lining and has side...

Black Fox Fur Jacket Hood leather sleeves


A sexy fox and leather fur jacket  . Waist is made of leather and fastens with zipper . Featuring a fox fur hood . Inner lining is made of black silk . Sleeves are made of black leather . A fresh look that combines leather and fox fur . .  A...

Coyote Fur Vest Hooded Belt


A coyote fur vest featuring a solid hood made of fur on both sides . A matching fur belt with a luxury button . Lined with beige silk inner lining and lamb's wool support for sharp shape definition . Side pockets and furrier hooks & loops for closure...

Off White Fox Fur Vest Hooded


An off white fox fur vest featuring a solid hood made of fur on both sides and a matching belt accentuated with a luxury pin . Lined with cream silk lining and lamb's wool for sharp shape definition . Closes with furrier hooks & loops garnished with...

Brown Fox Fur Vest


A brown fox fur vest . Made of pelts coming directly from northern Finland . The arctic circle climate provides the ideal condition for super long haired pelts of high density and incomparable hair quality . This fur vest is brand new ,silky , plush and...

Black Let Out Mink With Lynx Cobra Hood


A must have all time classic combination of black mink and lynx fur. Featuring a generous cobra styled hood that serves as a luscious collar when it is not on. Sligthly tapered waist. A top quality garment made by our experienced artisans carrying a 60...

Blackglama Mink Jacket Rex Chinchilla Hood


A blackglama mink fur jacket featuring a solid mink hood accentuated with rex rabbit chinchilla like dyed . A touch of rex rabbit also at the wrist . Lined with black satin inner lining and lamb's wool for sharp shape definition . Side pockets and hooks...

Crystal Fox Fur Collar Women's


A crystal fox fur collar made by our fur making business locatd in Siatista Greece . Lined with silk inner lining and lamb's wool for  extra support and shape . Incospicuous hooks so that it can be added dirctly to the coat of your preference ...

gray mink fur jacket notched collar saga fur

Gray Mink Fur Jacket Notched Collar

$1,800.00 $1,000.00

Supple SAGA mink fur jacket with exquisite sheen , Widened sleeve ends and padded shoulders. Hand stitched satin lining. 

sapphire mink fur coat with hood long version mink fur skins stitched horizontally saga mink fur

Long Sapphire Hooded Mink Fur Coat

$2,600.00 $2,000.00

Feel the absolute luxury of the velvety supple , low nap  sapphire mink fur coat. Widened sleeve ends , gently tapered waist , with a generous bottom sweep . SAGA mink skins , silk inner lining stitched by hand and fine fur making by our artisans .


Black SWAKARA Lamb Fur Jacket

$900.00 $400.00

Stay modern ,sharp and add finesse to your wardrobe with this SWAKARA lamb fur jacket. Clean lines , straight cut and wide , low profile , fashion runway collar. The checked satin lining adds a playful contrast. Wavy lamb fur with enhanced sheen ,...