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Bobcat Lynx & Sable Fur Coat


A harmonious combination of  two of the most luxurious fur types , lynx and sable. Chic ,collarless design with cropped sleeves and "balloon" core. Finesse ,exotic matterials and uniqueness at their best. Try it with long leather gloves !

Bobcat Lynx Fur Coat Patricia


Mesmserize and seduce with the Patricia lynx fur coat. Downsized shoulder pads , tapered waist and bottom sweep with flare are elements that will add shape and flatter your feminine silhouette. The rounded standad up collar with the v-shaped opening at...

Bobcat Persian Princess Lynx Fur Coat


A display of sophisticated and fine taste. The persian princess fur coat  features a haute-couture design , perfectly balancing the exotic look of lynx with the purity and finesse of broadtail lamb, Narrow waist and widened bottom sweep add to the...

Broadtail Lamb Fur Coat With Mink Cuffs & Hem

Broadtail Lamb Fur Coat With Mink Cuffs & Hem

$900.00 $400.00

A  work of fine art, meticulous workmanship and precision. Silky broadtail lamb pelts with exquisite sheen are combined with black mink fur in a sophisticated design.  Editor's note: Broadtail is known as one of the most expensive fur types ...

Brown Beaver Fur Coat Hooded Sculpted Knee Length


A brand new beaver fur coat directly from the manufacturer to you . The pelts have been sheared and sculpted in a triangular pattern .Versatile , all around fur garment for both formal and everyday use depending on styling . Showcase your fine taste and...

Brown Fox Sectional Fur Plate


A brown ÊfoxÊÊfur sectional plate ,Êmade of fox bellies,Êthat can be made to a fur blanket, fur throw , jacket , cape, coat , vest or any other garmentÊ. The products are dispalyed without the insertion of lining so that we have versatility in sizes and...

Brown Swakara Lamb Jacket & Mink Collar


Minimalistic and ultra smart , the brown persian lamb jacket is a luxurious addition to your collection. The unique wavy texture of lamb fur will be highly appreciated by those with fine taste. The short sleeves will allow you to showcase jewelry .The...

Burgundy Red Fox Fur Coat Waist Length Amelie


A red fox fur coat . Made of pelts coming directly from northern Finland . The arctic circle climate provides the ideal condition for super long haired pelts of high density and incomparable hair quality . This fur coat is brand new ,silky , plush and...

Burgundy Sheared Biker Beaver Fur Coat


We created this sheared beaver fur jacket for you who want to express your dynamic personality and stand out . If you like the rock star look or you are into bikes , then look no further , this jacket is a perfect match . 

Chinchilla Fur Cape Elegant


Frame and enhance your stunning figure with the artfully designed, handmade chinchilla fur cape. The short cape measures 20 inches long with a pointed front that balances an elegant V-neck collar. Fluffy chinchilla fur pelts are sourced from Copenhagen...

Chinchilla Fur Coat Bell Bottom Sleeves


Natural handcrafted chinchilla fur coat with rounded stand up collar and bell bottom sleeves , made of Kopenhaagen fur pelts. Plush texture , handstitched silk lining. Wear with black or gray slacks.

Chinchilla Fur Jacket Low cut


A waist length, chinchilla fur jacket with a low cut collar designed to showcase jewelry and hair style  ,made of supple north european chinchilla fur pelts. Sensational texture and amazing beauty meant to flatter and receive compliments .

Chinchilla Fur Vest Stand up Collar


Clean , sharp design with a slightly tapered waist and a rounded stand up collar. Pair with black tights. Velvety textured chinchilla fur vest made by Skandinavik Fur's artisans , carrying a 60 year old tradition in fur making.

Ciel Mink Fur Coat Saga


A brand new mink SAGA fur coat   Lined with silk inner lining , hooks and loops closure and a magnet on the collar . Carefully selected mink  skins and high manufacturing standards with attention to detail . Length 35 in / 90cm

Ciel Swakara Lamb Fur Vest Hooded

Ciel Swakara Lamb Fur Vest Hooded

$1,000.00 $500.00

Enjoy the unique looks and texture of a SWAKARA lamb fur vest made of lamp paws , known for their distinguished sheen and low curl profile which resembles in look the legendary broadtail lamb , yet at a fraction of the cost. The bright ciel color is eye...