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Chinchilla Fur Coat Mid Hip Length Dilayla


The A-shape design is both classic and silhouette flattering. Featuring a stand up or lay down collar for diversity in looks. The chinchilla fur contnues 2 inches at the inside of the coat before meeting the hand stitched lining. Kopenhaagen fur pelts...

Long Chinchilla Coat Hooded 3/4 Length Anne-Marie


The Anne-Marie chinchilla coat is stacked with confidence. Lush, thick grey chinchilla pelts are horizontally arranged from the hooded collar down to the 3/4-length hem and lined with black satin. With long, fitted sleeves and hidden hook and loop...

Red Fox Fur Coat Full Skin Amarna


A red fox fur coat  with black shades and ultra long hair made to steal the show . Wear casually with your track pants and a pair of sunglasses and do not be surprised if you get mistaken for a celebrity !

Burgundy Red Fox Fur Coat Waist Length Amelie


A red fox fur coat . Made of pelts coming directly from northern Finland . The arctic circle climate provides the ideal condition for super long haired pelts of high density and incomparable hair quality . This fur coat is brand new ,silky , plush and...

Chinchilla Fur Cape Isabelle


The Isabelle fur cape creates unique lines with a classic shape. Luscious, fluffy chinchilla fur pelts are arranged in diagonal rows with a layered collar and draped sleeves. Sourced from a Copenhagen fur auction, this chinchilla fur is lined with black...

Hooded Bobcat Lynx Fur Coat Emily


The Emily lynx fur coat is designed to maximize the visibility of the precious white part of the lynx fur by placing it at the outer side of the sleeves and shoulder area. The oversized hood graciously overlaps the shoulders when pulled down. Wear it...

Bobcat Lynx Fur Coat Patricia


Mesmserize and seduce with the Patricia lynx fur coat. Downsized shoulder pads , tapered waist and bottom sweep with flare are elements that will add shape and flatter your feminine silhouette. The rounded standad up collar with the v-shaped opening at...

Long Brown Sable Fur Coat Cleopatra


Stand out with a long brown coat that features draped lines of shining, deep brown Russian sable fur. Diagonal pelts angle inward to the center, where the coat connects with hidden hook and loop closures. A v-neck collar is made out of wide, plush pelts...

Sable Fur Coat Knee Length Vanessa


The knee-length Vanessa coat features plush, ultra-soft pelts of light golden Russian sable fur in horizontal rows. The eye-catching coat features a silk lining for a luxurious feel and durable design from the stand-up collar to the knee-length hem...

Russian Sable Fur Cape Hooded Domenica


The Domenica cape features a flowing, stacked design that elegantly wraps you in warmth. Perfect for both casual winter wear and formal events, this Russian two tone brown sable fur cape shows off the silky shine and plush, ultra-soft feel of the finest...

Red Sable fur Jacket Faye


Make a bold, romantic statement with the Faye cropped jacket. Plush, shiny pelts of Russian sable fur have been finished with a bright red color and arranged in even horizontal rows. The slim, fitted color amplifies the boxy look with sleeve lengths that...

Sable fur Vest Calandra


Stay cozy with this shiny Russian sable vest that looks just as stunning with jeans for a casual look as it does with your formal LBD. The tailored vest features a slim-line fit with a subtle taper at the waist and perfect width across the shoulders.

Sable fur Bolero Hermione


Top off your strapless ball gown or fitted sheath dress with a stunning Russian sable bolero jacket. The Hermione features the classic bolero fit that ends just above the waist with fitted elbow-length sleeves to match. A short, plush collar accentuates...

Sable fur Etol Juliette


The Juliette etol has an elegant, eye-catching fit that playfully mixes the look of a bolero, stole, and vest. Ultra-soft Russian sable fur pelts feature a warm, dark golden color and are diagonally stitched onto the inner silk lining. A plush collar...

Golden Russian Sable Fur Coat Hooded


Plush, ultra-soft lines of Russian golden sable fur are horizontally set in rows across the tailored body, which features a slightly tapered waist and a flaring bottom sweep. Pull on the generous hood for added warmth and enjoy the luxe feel of the silk...

Golden Russian Sable Fur Jacket Fit in


Play up your proportions! This tailored Russian golden sable fur coat defines your waist whether you wear it open or closed. The shiny, plush pelts are stitched diagonally across the body to create the subtle v-neck and pull in at your smallest point...

Chinchilla Fur Vest Stand up Collar


Clean , sharp design with a slightly tapered waist and a rounded stand up collar. Pair with black tights. Velvety textured chinchilla fur vest made by Skandinavik Fur's artisans , carrying a 60 year old tradition in fur making.

Short Chinchilla Fur Jacket


Cropped look chinchilla fur jacket with rounded stand up collar . Designed with versatility of looks in mind. Wear casually with black tights or  with a high waist dress and leather gloves for a high end look.   

Chinchilla Fur Cape Elegant


Frame and enhance your stunning figure with the artfully designed, handmade chinchilla fur cape. The short cape measures 20 inches long with a pointed front that balances an elegant V-neck collar. Fluffy chinchilla fur pelts are sourced from Copenhagen...

Long Chinchilla Fur Vest


Promote your succesful and dynamic image in a reserved yet powerful and seductive  manner with the long chinchilla fur vest .Crisp , clean lines and minimalistic design.

Chinchilla Fur Jacket Low cut


A waist length, chinchilla fur jacket with a low cut collar designed to showcase jewelry and hair style  ,made of supple north european chinchilla fur pelts. Sensational texture and amazing beauty meant to flatter and receive compliments .

Electric Blue Chinchilla Coat


Combine bold electric blue fur coloring with a classic jacket fit for a look that excels in every fashion season. The modest stand-up collar contrasts the effortless, clean look of horizontal chinchilla fur pelts across the body and sleeves. 4/5 cropped...

Brown Beaver Fur Coat Hooded Sculpted Knee Length


A brand new beaver fur coat directly from the manufacturer to you . The pelts have been sheared and sculpted in a triangular pattern .Versatile , all around fur garment for both formal and everyday use depending on styling . Showcase your fine taste and...

Purple White Silver Mink Fox Fur Coat


A bold and creative combination of colors and textures in this purple, white , silver fur coat . Top part made of plush mink and lower part of fully let out silver fox fur. Original concept meant to attract attention and receive compliments. 

Fin Racoon Full Length Fur Coat


A full skin ,Fin raccoon fur coat. . Thick and warm raccoon fur skins and specially dressed in tannery for a supple sensation.Long hair provide an exotic and wild look. Wear this comfortable coat . Not only comfortable and supple but a durable fur...

Purple Raccoon Fur Coat


A purple , full skin , raccoon fur coat. Wonderful and unique color combination which will attract attention without being over the top. Thick and warm raccoon fur skins and specially dressed in tannery for a supple sensation.

Beige Raccoon Fur Coat


A Beige , full skin , raccoon fur coat. Wonderful and unique color combination which will attract attention without being over the top. Thick and warm raccoon fur skins and specially dressed in tannery for a supple sensation.

Multicolor Mink Fur Vest


A Multicolor Mink fur vest . This fur vest is brand new ,silky , plush and supple .ŠUltra low weight and ultra high insulation index . Inner lining is made of silk and has a nice black animal print pattern . Two side pockets and three leather stripes for...

Navy Sable Fur Jacket


Exquisite model, this navy sable fur jacket offers a unique experience whether worn open or buttoned for drama. Its refined workshipman makes this a wonderful investment piece you'll wear for years to come.