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Fur Sale

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Mahogany Full Length Mink Coatn Royal Flare


Feel like a queen with the fully let out mahogany mink fur coat boasting a generous bottom sweep of 90" . Discreet luxury and class with velvety soft mink pelts , finished to impeccable hair sheen , Model is 172 cm and 67 kgr

hooded  lynx fur coat  , knee length , skins sewed horizontally , on model wearing black tight leather pants and black heels with straps

Bobcat Lynx Coat Desert Flower

$3,000.00 $2,000.00

Stimulate all sensations with this exciting hooded lynx fur coat ,designed to cause a visual statement , turn heads and receive compliments , while keeping you warm and comfortable. A garment that feels good and looks good. Nature's wild beauty , a...