About Us

When shopping for luxurious, timeless, authentic fur, look no further than our skillful whose expertise dates back to the 18th century. From fully let out coats, sectional coats to chinchilla furs and more, Skandinavik Fur uses the expert knowledge, sophisticated skill, and love for our craft, inherited from our fathers and grandfathers, to create a wide variety of timeless and luxurious fur products, including clothing, scarves, throws and blankets.

We are a third-generation furrier located in Greece Siatista With 90% of the town’s population involved in the fur-making industry, it is a true art, handed down from generation to generation. The name is a tribute to Scandinavia where most of the pelts come from. Our company offers all types of furs, such as mink, fox, lynx, beaver, persian lamb, raccoon, marten, squirrel, sable, chinchilla and many more.

The best fur makers are skillful and experienced artisans with keen eyes for details, and a strong sense of imagination, devoting endless hours of manual labor into making high quality fur garments. Adapting to an increasingly digital world, our company has added modern machinery and tools to upgrade their fur making techniques.

Approaching our work holistically and with a deep respect for nature’s resources, Skandinavik Fur does not waste any parts of our furs. With patience, imagination, and skill, we turn fur leftovers into gorgeous fashion items whenever possible. If you are looking for something truly unique, check out our “Make Your Own” page, and conveniently create the fur of your dreams by simply sending a photo or sketch of your fur of preference and we will make it happen for you.

Fur is not only for women, a man’s fur coat makes for a cool addition to his wardrobe, and can underline his masculine look with a fine coyote or raccoon bomber jacket. There’s a reason celebrities, especially rappers, love chinchilla and long fox coats with a notched collar, as they give them a majestic look that reflects luxury and style. Mink is the right choice for a more elegant look and a fur-lined parka or a leather jacket lined with fur are more conserviate options.

A key differentiator of the Skandinavik Fur is our fully let out products, which requires experience, skill, patience, and a special technique - a time-consuming procedure that many fur makers have abandoned, yet result in unique and exquisite aesthetics, appreciated by the most discerning of fur lovers. Additionally, our sectional fur-making techniques, such as half skins, chevron patterns, oval patterns and more produce unique looks that are rare to find. The company adds new pieces all throughout the year.


When investing in a timeless piece like fur, you want to make sure to buy directly from an experienced fur maker that can provide support, knowledge, and aftercare while offering high-quality products that are expertly crafted and your best choice for that are the skillful artisans at Skandinavik Fur.