Beaver Fur

Beige Beaver Fur Vest Crystal Fox Collar


A beige sheared beaver fur vest accentuated with crystal fox fur collar . Closes with zipper or furrier hooks and loops. Lined with satin inner lining. Beaver furs turns 1.5 inches before meeting the lining.

Gray Sheared Beaver Fur Coat


The gray sheared beaver fur coat is one of Skandinavik Fur’s essentials. A true classic, carrying the philosophy of less is more. Simple form, superior texture, easy to match, easier to dress up or dress down. 

Blue Sheared Beaver Fur Coat Hooded Fox Trim


You surely won’t be blue, and you’ll be wearing a fantastic cobra hooded coat when you put on this amazing Blue Beaver Cobra Hooded Fur Coat. Featuring a cobra style hood and made out Title: Blue Beaver Cobra Hooded Fur  This beaver fur...

Black Sculpted Beaver Fur Jacket Hooded


Gorgeous black sheared beaver fur coat featuring a generous hood lined with luscious fox fur .Shearing reduces volume for a silhouette flattering look and yet maintaining the high insulation index thanks to the rich , velvety soft underfur of beaver...

Brown Sculpted Beaver Fur Jacket Fox Fur Collar


A brand new beaver fur coat directly from the manufacturer to you . The pelts have been sheared and sculpted in a triangular pattern . A very resiliant fur , carefully sawn by our skilled craftsmen . Though sheared , beaver's rich underfur is guaranteed...

Light Brown Sheared Beaver Fur Coat Hooded with Fox Lining


A pure joy and a fulfillment of the senses when wearing this supple sheared beaver fur coat. Featuring a luscious cobra shaped fox fur hood that serves as am impressive collar when off. The matte finish in colors provides a discreet yet posh and classy...

Beaver Fur Coat Cobra Hood


A gorgeous , fashionable and classic at the same time sheared beaver fur coat. Featuring a cobra hood , named after the flattering , curvy shape of the famous predator. Robust fox fur , that serves as an impressive , luscious collar when hood is of. Fit...

Sheared Beaver Fur Brown Jacket Fox Collar & Cuffs


Sheared beaver furs are stylish . Beaver fur coats do not have to be bulky and heavy any more . Follow the trend and get yourself an elegant , sophisticated and modern fur . A brand newbeaver fur coat directly from the manufacturer to you . The pelts...

Sheared Brown Beaver Coat Swing Style


A beaver fur stroller knee length made of carefully selected sheared beaver fur pelts . A wonderfull design that flatters the feminine silhouette . Slightly tapered waist and a generous 62 inch bottom sweep .Beaver fur pelts are layered in vertical...

Purple Beaver Fur Coat Fox Collar


Soft purple sheared beaver fur coat with a flattering fox trim collar . A-shaped body ,starting narrow on top and gently widening to the bottom, ending on a  flairy wide bottom sweep. Excellent draping and extremely soft texture. Rare to find color ...

Blue Beaver Fur Bomber Jacket Hooded


Ever thought your track suit hoodie was not posh enough? The sheared fur item comes to fill this gap in luxury and style. A vivid blue color , smooth texture and excellent craftmanship take the active wear luxury to a new level. 

Brown Sculpted Beaver Fur Jacket Fox Fur Collar and Cuffs


Elevate your look with the sculpted beaver fur coat. Enjoy its supple texture and let long haired fox collar and cuffs add a seductive element to your look. Shoulder epaulettes, fit in waist and widened hip line are focused on creating a silhouette...

Brown Beaver Fur Jacket Low cut


Elegant sheared beaver fur jacket with cropped sleeves. Subtle  lynx fur trim  . Geometrical stitchng pattern. Silky soft texture and comfort.A garment that stands out and turns heads.

Brown Beaver Fur Coat Hooded Sculpted Knee Length


A brand new beaver fur coat directly from the manufacturer to you . The pelts have been sheared and sculpted in a triangular pattern .Versatile , all around fur garment for both formal and everyday use depending on styling . Showcase your fine taste and...

Reversible Beige Hooded Sheared Beaver Fur Coat


So many looks that you will have a hard time choosing which one is better. The quilted satin lining matches harmoniously with the lynx fur trim. Supple texture and superior aesthetics. 

Beige Brown Beaver Fur Coat


Luxuriously bohemian, the sheared  fur coat with the strict lines is graciously contrasted by the long-haired fox trim at the pockets. Be the star and follow your own rules.

Light Brown Beaver Hooded Fur Coat


Satisfy your desire for symmetry and simplicity. A sheared fur coat with rich underfur, supple texture , low volume and clean lines. Sculpted patterns with perfect proportions add extra visual layers and are most satisfying to look at. 

Red Bomber Beaver Hooded Jacket


Bright, joyful color and the supplest of textures. Be trendy and youthful while staying warm at that ski resort or look posh, loose, and cool in the urban setting. Low bulk, sheared fur with and mini details like the leather trimmed zipper that make the...

Brown Beaver Stroller with Leather Belt


Three ultra-posh materials, beaver fur, fox fur and leather are combined into a symphony of colors and textures. Enjoy the high-end look, inspired by a Parisian runway while being comfortable and toasty warm. 

Off White Sheared Beaver Fur Coat


Solid, rich, low volume sheared beaver fur with a simple design. An instant favorite that is easy to wear and match with the rest of your wardrobe. Stay warm and comfortable daily in a luxurious fashion. 

Brown Beaver Fur Vest Fox Collar & Trim


Taken out of a Hollywood movie. A truly inspired and original fur vest. Supple sheared beaver fur with long haired fox fur guaranteed to keep you warm and make stand out as an example of advanced gusto.

Hooded Green Black Sheared Beaver Fur Coat


A rare to find beauty, a feast for the eyes. Skandinavik Fur’s craftsmen are showing off their creativity and advanced technical skills in fur making. A piece destined to turn heads and receive compliments for its advanced aesthetics. 

Red Hooded Beaver Fur Vest With Fox Trim


Skandinavik Fur’s rendering of the paneled jacket. Lined with supple sheared beaver fur and trimmed with matching fox. Stay warm, stay posh this winter!

Green Black Sheared Beaver Fur Coat


Always edgy and sharp with the black-green sculpted beaver fur coat. Show off your creative and bold nature with a rare to find design. 

Gray Cream Sheared Beaver Fur Coat


Luxuriously casual, the paneled sheared fur coat boasts a silhouette flattering cut aided by the chromatic contrast. Supple, toasty warm and comfortable. 

Sheared Brown Beaver Fur Coat With Cobra Hood


 A solid fur coat for serious characters. Form and function work together to produce a supple, comfortable, and imposing piece. Made of sheared beaver fur sewn in chevron pattern and featuring a robust cobra hood lined with fox fur that serves as an...

Black n' White Short Beaver Fur Jacket Stand up Collar


Not your typical fur jacket , this sheared black and white beauty with its sharp lines will make a statement of refined elegance . Comfortable , ultra supple and low volume carrying a european , sportive finesse. Ideal for everyday use .Tapered waist ,...

Black Beaver Fur Bomber Jacket Hooded


Impress when it is least expected. A casual, active wear inspired jacket that blends the luxury and uniqueness of fur. Breathable, comfortable and extremely warm

Burgundy Panelled Sheared Bever Fur Coat


Your typical paneled coat covered with luxury beaver fur in a rich burgundy color. Stay warm enjoy the discreet luxury and velvety texture of the sheared fur. 

Rose Sheared Beaver Fur Coat


Haute-couture design with extra ordinary looks and high sense of aesthetics. The coat drapes and flows in a unique manner. High level of craftmanship. A piece to build a name and create a one-of-a-kind image. 

Intarsia Hooded Beaver Fur Coat


Design inspired from a modern art gallery. Creative shapes and three-color combo in an innovative look that is rare to find in a fur coat. Comfort, texture and luxury add up to create a unique hooded fur coat that is destined to stand out of the rest...

Knee Length Beaver Fur Stroller


If you fancy the layered look of a classic raincoat, then this piece is made for you. Exaggerated shoulders with an oversized collar, slim waistline and laser sculpted lines. A true retro classic , modernized and adapted into today’s standards...

Tricolor Beaver Jacket


Your daily jacket does not have to be boring anymore. Add a variety of textures and colors that blend and work in a simple, yet sophisticated manner. Add luxury and joy to your wardrobe because you deserve it.