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Sable Fur

Sable fur , perhaps the most luxurious fur in the world once reserved for the Russian royal familly , available now from Skandinavik Fur to you.  Sable fur coats are appraised for their unique sheen and silkiness. Plusher than mink and equally resiliant. The trademark characteristic is the lack of resistance of guardahair at any direction they are stroked at. A definite symbol of prestige , a display of success .

Sable Fur Jacket Monique


The Monique jacket features a sassy, boxy fit with wide 4/5 sleeves, pockets on the hip, and a tall, wrapped collar. A matching leather belt at the waist pulls in at your narrowest point and adds a sleek, smooth accessory to contrast the ultra-shiny,...

Golden Russian Sable Fur Coat Hooded


Plush, ultra-soft lines of Russian golden sable fur are horizontally set in rows across the tailored body, which features a slightly tapered waist and a flaring bottom sweep. Pull on the generous hood for added warmth and enjoy the luxe feel of the silk...

Golden Russian Sable Fur Jacket Fit in


Play up your proportions! This tailored Russian golden sable fur coat defines your waist whether you wear it open or closed. The shiny, plush pelts are stitched diagonally across the body to create the subtle v-neck and pull in at your smallest point...

Long Brown Sable Fur Coat Cleopatra


Stand out with a long brown coat that features draped lines of shining, deep brown Russian sable fur. Diagonal pelts angle inward to the center, where the coat connects with hidden hook and loop closures. A v-neck collar is made out of wide, plush pelts...

Red Sable fur Jacket Faye


Make a bold, romantic statement with the Faye cropped jacket. Plush, shiny pelts of Russian sable fur have been finished with a bright red color and arranged in even horizontal rows. The slim, fitted color amplifies the boxy look with sleeve lengths that...

Russian Sable Fur Cape Hooded Domenica


The Domenica cape features a flowing, stacked design that elegantly wraps you in warmth. Perfect for both casual winter wear and formal events, this Russian two tone brown sable fur cape shows off the silky shine and plush, ultra-soft feel of the finest...

Sable fur Bolero Hermione


Top off your strapless ball gown or fitted sheath dress with a stunning Russian sable bolero jacket. The Hermione features the classic bolero fit that ends just above the waist with fitted elbow-length sleeves to match. A short, plush collar accentuates...

Sable Fur Coat Knee Length Vanessa


The knee-length Vanessa coat features plush, ultra-soft pelts of light golden Russian sable fur in horizontal rows. The eye-catching coat features a silk lining for a luxurious feel and durable design from the stand-up collar to the knee-length hem...

Sable fur Etol Juliette


The Juliette etol has an elegant, eye-catching fit that playfully mixes the look of a bolero, stole, and vest. Ultra-soft Russian sable fur pelts feature a warm, dark golden color and are diagonally stitched onto the inner silk lining. A plush collar...

Sable fur Vest Calandra


Stay cozy with this shiny Russian sable vest that looks just as stunning with jeans for a casual look as it does with your formal LBD. The tailored vest features a slim-line fit with a subtle taper at the waist and perfect width across the shoulders.

Sectional Sable Knee Length Fur Coat


Silkier than silk ,unique color combination and affordable , ultimate luxury . One of a kind sectional sable fur coat stitched in chevron pattern . Sable fur combines hair sheen equal to mink and suppleness equal to chinchilla fur . Now in sectional...