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Chinchilla Fur

 Chinchilla Fur Coats

Chinchilla fur coats are righteously considered to be the king of luxury in the fur world. Unique looks , sensational texture , low production volume are some of the key traits that make garments made of chinchilla fur highly desirable and high ticket items as well.

Chinchillas are native to South America and were once reserved for Royalty when it came to their use for garments. Complex and demanding breeding result in low pelt output .Apart from south America , a number of efficient farming units has risen in North Europe the past two decades.

Chinchilla fur pelts have a unique texture that can find no match among other fur types . One has to actually “submerge” their fingertips up two two centimetres deep in the fur , until they actually sense it !! Yes , chinchilla fur coats are that soft ! Each hair growing from one follicle , branches to 20-30 smaller hairs.

Warmth and superior comfort are trademarks of chinchilla fur coats. They are supple and lightweight  , yet they will keep you warm and let your body breathe even at the lowest of temperatures , while allowing for a high range of motion . This flexibility , creates a wonderful aesthetic result , since the garment naturally moves and flows in a flattering if not magical  way . following your body motion .

The natural color of chinchilla is a combination of black stripe , surrounded by gray and finishing in white . The darker a chinchilla pelt and the highest density it has , the higher its value . In limited quantities one can come across brown cream natural chinchillas. Thanks to advanced coloring techniques chinchilla fur jackets can come in a variety of colors , the most popular of which are blue black , green , purple , magenta , pink  , yellow  and black.

The classic stitching pattern is “across” . Each pelt is cut in half , into two rectagles  and between them is stiched a thin leather stripe . This creates the iconic peak and trough look. Chinchilla fur is a delicate material and is only handled by the most experienced fur masters. Even the matching of skins in terms of color and thickness , so that the final product looks perfect is an art of its own . Another popular method of stitching pattern is the diagonal. This is reserved for the longest of chinchilla pelts. Although not so popular some coats are made with the pelts stitched in a vertical fashion . The latter is not recommended by the author , unless the final product is a combination of horizontal and vertical stitching.


In terms of design , chinchilla fur coats come in a variety of styles . Costumers in colder countries prefer longer and hooded versions or waist length garments. Warmer climates seem to favor vests, etols  or  the extremely chic cropped waist and sleeve boleros and short jackets , which allow to showcase jewelry , bracelets and watches. Also chinchilla fur collars , cuffs and trim make a great match with black mink fur coats .

Occasions. Chinchilla fur is highly versatile . It can be worn casually with a pair of jeans and boots. It will never go without turning heads . On the other hand it is a red carpet fur type , and is the fut type of choice in formal events , in VIP meetings , in cocktail parties , weddings ,cultural events. It remains one of Hollywood’s favorite furs . Modern day royalty and aristocracy still cherish it as one of their favorites . Chinchilla has a strong appeal and impact .It is a display of success , prestige , charm and status . In Skandinavik Fur , quiet often we receive custom orders from actresses and opera singers , requesting specifically for chinchilla for their premieres . Even in unexpected countries such as the Arabian Emirates , we receive requests from high profile citizens , for custom chinchilla garments for their upcoming social events with the royal family .


In terms of care , chinchilla is a delicate fur . It must be handled gently and not extreme stress imposed on the seams. Steaming and glazing is advised once per year . Fur washing , even in professional cleaning services , should be reserved only in limited . Handle your chinchilla with care and you will enjoy it for several years.

Chinchilla Fur Jacket Stand up Collar


[offer]true[/offer]A waist length, chinchilla fur jacket with an elegant stand up collar ,made of supple north european chinchilla fur pelts. Sensational texture and amazing beauty meant to flatter and receive compliments .

Chinchilla Fur Vest


A genuine chinchilla fur vest made of fine quality ,farm raised , Argentinian chinchilla skins .Featuring a hood , slightly tapered waist . Made with manufacturing excellence. Lined with black satin lining , side pockets and hooks and loops closure...

Short Chinchilla Jacket with Short Sleeves Arya


Each plush pelt of grey chinchilla fur shines with stunning sheen. The Arya jacket is handmade and features a short 18-inch body that hits just above the hips with matching elbow-length sleeves. The tall, plush collar, fitted sleeves, and straight body...

Purple Chinchilla Fur Coat Wide Bottom Sweep Josephine


The Josephine purple chinchilla fur coat creates flowing, long lines with a directional change at the hem. Across the body and sleeves, the fur pelts feature a subtle diagonal arc, which is framed with a stacked collar and vertical pelts across the...

Chinchilla Fur Jacket Turtle Neck Collar


Thick, plush horizontal stripes of chinchilla fur feature a glossy, brilliant sheen and ultra-soft texture. The handmade jacket is made with Copenhagen auction pelts and is lined with black satin. Hidden hook and loop closures allow the 22-inch body to...

Bold Green Chinchilla Fur Jacket


Take the beauty and glamour of genuine chinchilla fur up a notch with stunning emerald green coloring. Luxurious pelts are hand-sewn onto the jacket in perfect horizontal rows and lined with black satin. The 23-inch body subtly tucks in at your narrowest...

Chinchilla Fur Jacket V-neck Collar


A waist length, chinchilla fur jacket with a v-neck collar ,made of supple north european chinchilla fur pelts. Sensational texture and amazing beauty meant to flatter and receive compliments .

Chinchilla Fur Jacket Silver Fox Collar


Chinchilla fur jacket featuring a luscious silver fox fur collar , running all the way down the hem like a waterfall ,leaving no heads unturned. A rare to find ,luxury furs combination where the marriage between silver , gray and white tones is a visual...

Chocolate ChInchilla Fur Jacket


Experience the ultimate luxury and  softness of a rare to find black brown colored chinchilla fur jacket . Handcrafted to perfection by our skilled furriers , proudly boasting a more than 50 years tradition in fur making. Slightly tapered waist ,...

Chinchilla Fur Jacket Scarlet


A brand new luxurious chinchilla fur jacket  with wrist  length sleeves made of selected farm raised chinchilla fur skins from Argentina. A high quality garment made by our artisans , carrying a more than 50 year old tradition in fur making...

Long Chinchilla Coat Hooded 3/4 Length Anne-Marie


The Anne-Marie chinchilla coat is stacked with confidence. Lush, thick grey chinchilla pelts are horizontally arranged from the hooded collar down to the 3/4-length hem and lined with black satin. With long, fitted sleeves and hidden hook and loop...

Yellow Chinchilla Fur Bolero Electra


Dress up without covering up. This stunning handmade chinchilla fur bolero hits just above the waist with an 18-inch body length. Cropped sleeves and stacked horizontal fur lines balance the design. The yellow fur, which is lined with black satin, has a...

Chinchilla Fur Cape Isabelle


The Isabelle fur cape creates unique lines with a classic shape. Luscious, fluffy chinchilla fur pelts are arranged in diagonal rows with a layered collar and draped sleeves. Sourced from a Copenhagen fur auction, this chinchilla fur is lined with black...

Chinchilla Fur Cape Elegant


Frame and enhance your stunning figure with the artfully designed, handmade chinchilla fur cape. The short cape measures 20 inches long with a pointed front that balances an elegant V-neck collar. Fluffy chinchilla fur pelts are sourced from Copenhagen...

Chinchilla Fur Coat Luscious Collar


Classy chinchilla fur coat with a generous collar designed to impress  ,made of supple north european chinchilla fur pelts. Sensational texture and amazing beauty meant to flatter and receive compliments . Slightly tapered waist and widened sleeve...

Chinchilla Fur Jacket Low cut


A waist length, chinchilla fur jacket with a low cut collar designed to showcase jewelry and hair style  ,made of supple north european chinchilla fur pelts. Sensational texture and amazing beauty meant to flatter and receive compliments .

Blue Electrique Chinchilla Fur Jacket


Combine bold electric blue fur coloring with a classic jacket fit for a look that excels in every fashion season. The modest stand-up collar contrasts the effortless, clean look of horizontal chinchilla fur pelts across the body and sleeves. 4/5 cropped...

Chinchilla fur coat Hooded


Skandinavik Women's Chinchilla Fur Coat .Soft, Silky Luxury Winter Wear . European Quality Warm Elegance . A gorgeous, long winter coat for women, our chinchilla furs are made with premium, natural chinchilla that is soft and beautifully colored...

Finesse Chinchilla Fur Coat


A genuine chinchilla fur coat made of fine quality ,farm raised , Argentinian chinchilla skins .Featuring low cut collarcollar, slightly tapered waist , widened bell bottom sleeves and wide bottom sweep . Made with manufacturing excellence. Lined with...