Chinchilla Coats




Chinchilla fur is one of the most luxurious natural materials in the world. If mink is king and sable fur is the queen, then chinchilla is the princess of the fur fashion. Chinchilla coats are the finest, most supple and most delicate in the fur industry. Favored by royalty, actors , singers and celebrities as a symbol of status , finesse ,wealth and elegance. 

Chinchilla Fur Jacket Stand up Collar


A waist length, chinchilla fur jacket with an elegant stand up collar ,made of supple north european chinchilla fur pelts. Sensational texture and amazing beauty meant to flatter and receive compliments .

Chinchilla Fur Cape Isabelle


The Isabelle fur cape creates unique lines with a classic shape. Luscious, fluffy chinchilla fur pelts are arranged in diagonal rows with a layered collar and draped sleeves. Sourced from a Copenhagen fur auction, this chinchilla fur is lined with black...

Chinchilla Fur Jacket Turtle Neck Collar


Thick, plush horizontal stripes of chinchilla fur feature a glossy, brilliant sheen and ultra-soft texture. The handmade jacket is made with Copenhagen auction pelts and is lined with black satin. Hidden hook and loop closures allow the 22-inch body to...

Chinchilla Coat V-neck Collar


A waist length, chinchilla fur jacket with a v-neck collar ,made of supple north european chinchilla fur pelts. Sensational texture and amazing beauty meant to flatter and receive compliments .

Chinchilla Fur Jacket Mid Hip


The mid-hip chinchilla fur coat boasts crisp lines and a modern runway look. Fit in waist, snug fit and tapered waist, this piece means business. Made of Purple quality Copenhagen chinchilla fur and completely handmade by Skandinavik Fur’s artisans

Hooded Chinchilla Fur Coat & Sable Fur Trim Chantale


The Chantale fur  coat has an A-shape cut with a slightly tapered waist. It is made with certified farmed  chinchilla pelts from Lithuania and genuine Russian Sable Fur.  The hood is lined with chinchilla fur and accentuated with sable...

Chinchilla Fur Coat Mid Hip Length Dilayla


The A-shape design is both classic and silhouette flattering. Featuring a stand up or lay down collar for diversity in looks. The chinchilla fur contnues 2 inches at the inside of the coat before meeting the hand stitched lining. Kopenhaagen fur pelts...

Purple Chinchilla Fur Coat Wide Bottom Sweep Josephine


The Josephine purple chinchilla fur coat creates flowing, long lines with a directional change at the hem. Across the body and sleeves, the fur pelts feature a subtle diagonal arc, which is framed with a stacked collar and vertical pelts across the...

Chinchilla Fur Coat Greta


Introducing our most versatile chinchilla piece – a true masterpiece of luxury, adaptability, and timeless style. This coat effortlessly offers not one but three distinct looks, ensuring you're always ready for any occasion. Luxurious Chinchilla...

Hooded Chinchilla Fur Coat Freya


Luxurious Chinchilla Fur: Crafted from the finest chinchilla fur, this coat envelops you in unparalleled softness, warmth, and plushness. It's not just a garment; it's an experience in comfort and luxury. Oversized Hood with Collar: The generously...

Chinchilla Fur Cape Candace


A harmonious blend of opulence, timeless elegance, and contemporary design. This coat is the embodiment of luxury, warmth, and impeccable style.  A-Line Grace: The A-line cut of this chinchilla fur coat creates a graceful and flattering silhouette...

Chinchilla Fur Coat Sabela


Enjoy the timeless allure of chinchilla fur with a modern and relaxed silhouette. This coat is designed to make you look and feel effortlessly glamorous.  Luxurious Chinchilla Fur: Crafted from the finest chinchilla fur, this coat is a testament to...

Coffee Cream Chinchilla Coat

Coffee Cream Chinchilla Coat

$7,000.00 $5,000.00

An out of the ordinary chinchilla colors is the coffee cream chinchilla coat. A combination of earthly tones that is rare to find in the market. The cut of the coat is straight and features a stand-up collar and 4/5 length sleeves. Made of selected...

Chinchilla Fur Coat Bell Bottom Sleeves


Natural handcrafted chinchilla fur coat with rounded stand up collar and bell bottom sleeves , made of Kopenhaagen fur pelts. Plush texture , handstitched silk lining. Wear with black or gray slacks.

Mid Hip Chinchilla Fur Coat Stand Up Collar


 Extravagant luxury with no compromise. The full pelt vertical array at the hem that continues on the inside of the coat and the royal wide collar will leave the competition behind. Supple Kopenhaagen fur pelts and handstitched silk lining.

Fuchsia Chinchilla Fur Coat With Lynx Collar & Cuffs


An exotic fur combination that stirs the imagination and yet without being over the top. The v-cut lynx collar continues all the way down to the hem. The sleeves are accentuated with a wide stripe of long-haired lynx fur while the main body is made of...

Hooded Chinchilla Coat


Refined luxury mid hip chinchilla coat with diagonal stitching of Kopenhaagen fur pelts and a solid , oversized , generous hood made of fur inside out , turning into a shawl collar when off. Genuine silk lining stitched by hand. Enjoy high levels of...

Chinchilla Fur Jacket Low cut


A waist length, chinchilla fur jacket with a low cut collar designed to showcase jewelry and hair style  ,made of supple north european chinchilla fur pelts. Sensational texture and amazing beauty meant to flatter and receive compliments .

Electric Blue Chinchilla Coat


Combine bold electric blue fur coloring with a classic jacket fit for a look that excels in every fashion season. The modest stand-up collar contrasts the effortless, clean look of horizontal chinchilla fur pelts across the body and sleeves. 4/5 cropped...

Finesse Chinchilla Fur Coat


The Finesse chinchilla fur coat oozes class effortlessly. The refined European look is subtle and yet noticeable. Advanced aesthetics that are guaranteed to receive tons of compliments. It has a loose fit line and a rounded collar that allows showcasing...

Characteristics of Chinchilla Fur

A unique trait of chinchilla fur is that from each follicle, up to 60 hairs can sprout. They are so fine, that you have to submerge your fingertip in a distance of 2 cm until you realize that you are touching something. The density of hair can reach up to 190 hair per square mm. The length of the guard hair is 2-3 cm and they make 25 per cent of the fur, while the rest 75 per cent consists of the underfur. The diameter of each hair is extremely fine and thus chinchilla coats are lightweight, supple and have a high insulation index. Furthermore, the hair is always perpendicular to the skin, contrary to most of other fur types where the hair tends to lay flat or more parallel. The skin is very fine as well and has minimal elasticity and minimal tolerance to water. Chinchillas are endemic to the Andes and have evolved in an extremely dry climate.

Chinchilla Fur Coat Colors

The natural chinchilla fur pelt, in the dorsal area, has a middle dark brown (almost black) central stripe followed by bluish gray hair and the ventral area is white. While the ventral area of the pelt is the thinnest and most sensitive one, many fur makers use it because it adds up to the unique beauty of a chinchilla coat. Chinchillas can also come in white, violet, beige or sapphire but in smaller quantities.

A chinchilla coat can also come in bleached beige, tan or light brown or it can come in artificial colors with a dyeing process. The most common colors in the market are red, green and blue, yet any color desired by the customer is feasible.

How Much is A Chinchilla Coat Worth?

Chinchilla coats are expensive due to the high demand and low supply in the market. The finest chinchilla coats are made of pelts coming from South America. Argentinian chinchilla is considered as the top of the lot. The past 20 years several chinchilla farms have been created in Baltic sea countries, in central and eastern Europe. Modern farming techniques and climate have yielded excellent results.

The quality characteristics that determine a chinchilla coat’s value are

  • Color clarity (no stains or yellowish hair)
  • Density of fur (top lot chinchilla coats should not reveal their white skin when hair is blown)
  • Guardhair quality. If the guardhair tips protrude only on the sides of the pelt, then it is considered of poor quality
  • Texture. Streaks, swirls or bald spots that break the even and smooth pattern reduce the value of a chinchilla coat
  • Chinchillas with a darker and broader central stripe are classified as black velvet and they are the most expensive ones.

A waist length chinchilla fur coat can start from 2500 usd and reach up to 25.000 usd.

Chinchilla Coat Stitching Patterns

The most common and elegant pattern to the authors opinion is chinchilla coats with the pelts cut in half and then stitched horizontally. You can have also whole pelts stitched horizontally. Diagonal looks more pleasing to the eye and is more expensive because larger more valued pelts are required. Between the pelts,materials such as cotton, leather or synthetic fabric is placed. Furthermore, a fur maker will stich a mesh made of cotton on the hairless side in order to reinforce the delicate skins and prevent tears.


Chinchilla Fur Care

It is true that a chinchilla coat is very delicate and prone to tears. In addition, it is a fur that you do not want to have it soaked or wearing it in the rain. Also, you should avoid hanging it in a place exposed to the sun as the white parts will turn yellow. Wearing a chinchilla coat while driving is not advisable since the hair is delicate and will rub between you and the seat. Bags with straps should be avoided for the same reason.

Of course, chinchilla is a noble fur. The impact it has and the image of fine taste that it projects is huge and counters the durability drawbacks.

How to Wear a Chinchilla Coat?

A chinchilla coat is a high-end fur and as a rule of thumb it should be reserved for special occasions, night and formal events or in chic cafes and restaurants. However, a vest could be used more casually.

Here are some basic rules that will serve as guidelines.

  • Stylists recommend against striking colors when it comes to clothing. Regarding jewelry it is very hard to get away with faux bijoux. People will notice and this can ruin a perfect image. Too many accessories and intense make up will make you look tasteless. A chinchilla coat is a luxury piece that can stand on its own.
  • Short or cropped coats are best suited for younger ladies. Tight high pants or miniskirts will look good. As for shoes you should opt in for boots or heels
  • Medium length coats should be matched with dresses or skirts. Make sure that they are not longer than the coat.
  • Full length coats can be worn with tight pants or dresses.
  • If you want a headband or hat, then it should be made of chinchilla fur
  • Bags. Choose an expensive leather bag with minimalistic style and medium or small size. A bag with handles rather straps is a better idea.
  • Chinchilla vest should not be matched with jeans or blouses. Wearing them over a leather jacket in cold temperatures is allowed.


In terms of design, chinchilla fur coats come in a variety of styles. Costumers in colder countries prefer longer and hooded versions or waist length garments. Warmer climates seem to favor vests, etols or the extremely chic cropped waist and sleeve boleros and short jackets, which allow to showcase jewelry, bracelets and watches. Also, chinchilla fur collars, cuffs and trim make a great match with black mink fur coats.


Chinchilla fur is highly versatile. A vest can be worn casually. It will never go without turning heads. On the other hand it is a red carpet fur type, and is the fur type of choice in formal events, in VIP meetings, in cocktail parties, weddings, cultural events. It remains one of Hollywood’s favorite furs. Modern day royalty and aristocracy still cherish it as one of their favorites. Chinchilla has a strong appeal and impact. It is a display of success, prestige, charm and status. In Skandinavik Fur , quiet often we receive custom orders from actresses and opera singers , requesting specifically for chinchilla for their premieres . Even in unexpected countries such as the Arabian Emirates, we receive requests from high profile citizens, for custom chinchilla garments for their upcoming social events with the royal family.



Chinchilla vs Rex Rabbit

Although rex rabbit is a quality fur type (unlike the common rabbit) it will never be able to reach the distinct and luxurious look of a genuine chinchilla coat. Dyeing techniques have evolved and a rex rabbit can imitate color wise the real thing. For more information on how to tell the difference between them , go ahead and read our comprehensive article

Chinchilla Men’s Coats

A hooded chinchilla bomber jacket is one of the most popular choices when it comes to men’s coats. You most certainly have seen a rapper or two wearing one in their video clips. It is cool and the swag meter hits the roof.