Mink Fur Skins - Male and Female

17th Mar 2015

Mink Fur Skins - Male and Female

Mink fur coats are the most popular and widely sold furs . No matter how the fashion trends are mink is loved for its unique properties such as looks , versatility , endurance , texture and so much more. Mink coats can be made either by female or male skins. To the inexperience buyer the difference may not be discernible but nonetheless they do have differences between them that show in the final product.

Male mink fur skins

The mink male skins are in average larger compared to the female ones . In the grading system they usually start from 1o and reach up to 4o . Their guardhair is thick and dense and so is their underfur. This makes them heavier thanthe females and warmer as well . Skinwise they are stiffer and thicker. Their hair look is not a shiny as the females and it is more coarse. In terms of pricing , coats made of male mink skins cost less because the skins themselves cost less and because of their larger size , 10-20% less skins are required for a garment. They are popular in colder climates and for men's fur coats. Their lifespan is greater -they can last for a lifetime and are safer option as a second hand purchase.

male mink fur coat

Female mink fur skins. 

Their size is smaller and the hair is softer , silkier with excellent shine. The skin is not as thick as the males and is more . These properties make them more poular in general for women's clothing . Their softness and flexibility produces garments that fit and drape excellent , are lighter and the hair sheen is eye catching. They come at higher prices at auctions and the fur coats require more of them because of their smaller size .