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Sectional Fox Fur Coat Buying Guide

14th Mar 2015

Sectional Fox Fur Coat  Buying Guide

Fox fur is one of the most popular fur type in the world . This guide is about fox fur coats made of any part of the skin except for the dorsal area. Fur coats and jackets made of this parts are generally known as sectional . They are not as expensive as the  ones made of full skins , neither as even looking . Yet fur is an exceptional material with an inherent exotic and wild beauty and sectional fur coats  are still looking awesome and can be just as warm-not to mention that in the early days of modern fur making the sections were thrown away as waist. Sectional fur making has thrived in Greece where some of the best artisans with decades of experience have developed stitching techniques that produce excellent pieces .

Starting from the top , there are the sectional fur jackets made of the head of the skin. It is usually stiched in squares. The front part of the square has rich underfur and short guardhair . The rear part is opposite. 

cons: rather stiff and heavy coats-they grow softer as they mature like leather jackets

pros: great durability

red fox fur coat made of heads

red fox fur heads coat

Sectional  fox fur coatsmade of bellies are the most commonly used . They are most popular as vests and stitched in irregular pattern. They have long guardhair and almost no underfur.

cons:irregular pattern

pros: lightweight, smooth texture , excellent draping

silver fox fur coat

Sectional fur coats made of paws which are stitched in chevron pattern. The fox fur paws have rich and short underfur.

cons: weight , stiffness-they grow softer as they mature like leather jackets

pros: unique looks , can be sheared because of their underfur

sheared fox fur multicolor coat

Halfskin fur coats are a great choice and categorised as intermediate quality among sectional and full skin fox fur coats. You may find further info on this guide.

red fox fur coat

Fox buttocks are extremely thick and fluffy , unsuitable for garments but very good for fox trim , collars and accessories like hand bags , pon-pon etc . 

silver fox fur bag