Sectional Mink Fur Guide

23rd Feb 2015

Sectional Mink Fur Guide

Mink is King . This quote is more than righteously given to this excellent fur type thanks to its unique sheen , durability , wamth and silky texture. Apart from fur garments made of full skins with the let out or skin to skin technique , there is another range of mink garments made any part of the skin -except from the dorsal area. Although not widely known , they are being produced mainly in Greece by small familly businesses . The range of looks and patterns is limitless and so are the techniques. Although , not having that seamless look of a full skin coat , they pose themselves as a lower cost but quality alternative.

Mink Front paws

Front paws are cut in a tear drop shape and stitched in a chevron patten. The wide part of the "tear"has rich underfur and short guardhair , while the narrow part consists of lower density guardhair. Front paws fur coats are highly apeciated for their crisp and well defined shape/ look and are ranked in the top of the pieced fur coats range. Below you can see fur plates and ready to wear front paws garments.

Rear Paws Mink

The rear paws are cut in an "atractoid" shape and stiched in chevron pattern as well . Sometimes it is hard to distinguish from the front paws mink. They have long guardhair and rich underfur but not as rich as the front paws. They poduce sharp and well defined garments as well .


Oval mink

Oval mink fur garments are rare two find and considered among the highest quality sectional minks . As the name indicates they are made of oval shaped pieces stiched in a wavy pattern. Mostly found in sheared versions , rather than hairy ones. They produce elegant , low bulk garments.

Mink Tails

Tails are the fluffiest and heavier part of a mink skin. They are always cut into thin stripes and stiched in 'arrow' shape . Thin leather stripes must be inserted to reduce volume and weight. Royal tail fur coats are made of integer tails , always with the insertion of leather stripes.

Mink Heads

Heads have got stiff skin and rich underfur. They are more used in men's coats for their masculine , rugged , sporty look


Mink Bellies

Bellies have rich and longer guardhair but less underfur . Found in sheared and regular versions. Not as crisp and well defined as the paws and thus lower priced. Stitched in chevron and arrow pattern.

Mink Scrap

Mink scrap coats are made of irregulaly shape mink scraps. They present the lowest cost mink because of their rather "sloppy' look . Yet you still get the mink sheen , durability and texture at a faction of the cost