Persian Lamb Fur

Black Persian Lamb Fur Jacket with Fox Collar Annette


Rich black SWAKARA lamb fur paired with luscious silver fox trim. A balance of simplicity and drama. Be alluring without being over the top and arouse interest with this entirely handmade creation by Skandinavik Fur.

Light Brown Persian Lamb Fur Jacket Short Sleeved Jacoba


Sophisticated and elegant , this brown persian lamb fur jacket is suit-like tailored with a fit in waist , stand up collar and bottom sweep with a bit of flare. Pair it up with long leather gloves and a fine piece of jewelry on your wrist.  

Blue Broadtail Lamb Monella


Minimalistic collarless design and matte finish. Modern look with clean and sharp lines. The broadtail lamb fur offers unrivaled finesse with unique texture. 

Short Hooded Broadtail Lamb fur Jacket Jackie


Selected broadtail lamb fur of the finest quality with exquisite sheen and unique ‘moiree” pattern. Oozes class from every aspect. Combine with a black or white dress and shine literally at the next cocktail party. 

Blue Lamb Fur Jacket Eleganza


The word chic is written all over this SWAKARA lamb fur jacket. European finesse at its finest. A display of fine taste. Ideal for independent and dynamic ladies. The fit runs tight. A classic never out of style fur jacket. 

Purple Persian Lamb Fur Coat Yvette


It is all about the wavy texture and the glossy finish. Recommended for ladies with dark complexion. An elegant never out of style piece for the occasions where you need to shine and be classy. 

Brown Persian Lamb & Fox Fur Coat


A brown persian lamb & fox fur coat made of SWAKARA & SAGA fur. Following the latest trends of fashion, an impressive mix of  lamb fur contrasting with luscious brown fox. A unique piece meant not to pass unnoticed.Fit in waist and wide...