Is Fur Eco Friendly ?

24th Sep 2018

Is Fur Eco Friendly ?

Over the years there has been a great debate on whether it is ethical and environementally friendly to use fur as a clothing matterial. The last anti fur movement from several fashion houses and models had taken place in the 90's with the famous slogan I'd rather go naked than wear fur"-the very same anti fur advocates advertised fur as models or included it in their collections a few years later. Currently a new anti fur motion is taking place as of the year 2018.

Why fur is more friendly to the environement than other matterials such as nylon and synthetics?

⦁Fur is a renewable resource. Nylon and synthetics require petrol which is not

⦁Fur is biodegradable . Petrol based matterials fill landfills for decades or centuries and microplastic particles ending in our oceans are deposited deeply into fishlife and eventually into the foodchain, affecting animals and their environment

⦁The fur industry is recycling . The food used in fur farms comes from human food waste.

⦁Fur is long lasting. Fur coats can last for decades and pass from generation to generation.They can be refurbished and restyled. Modern fast and cheap fashion is short lived and requires over consumption , promoting excessive wasting of energy and resources to be sustained.

What about animal rights and ethics ?

Since the dawn of humanity we have been dependent on animals for our survival and welfare. We have been using animals for food , clothing , medical research , cosmetic research , scientiific research .

Almost any activity of modern human has an impact on nature and animals.

The following questions should be asked to those who heavily criticise people using fur for clothing.

⦁Have you ever consumed more meat than your nutrition needs require ? e.g for pleasure ?

⦁Do you live in a modern house or flat ? Are you aware of the environmental impact of building matterials ?

⦁Do you use a car ?

⦁Have you ever owned more coats or jackets or shoes than you need ?

⦁Have you ever taken medication ?

⦁Have you ever used make up or any sort of cometics?

Of course criticism from the anti fur movement had a great positive impact . The consumer was made aware and more demanding , regarding the regulations in fur farming . Living conditions as well as harvesting methods have been improved and are heavily monitored more than ever . Is there room for improvement ? Yes. Do we need animals ? Yes. What should we do ?We should exert constantly pressure as consumers for the improvement of live stock living conditions and harvesting methods,