Blue Asymetrical Cut Mink Coat


Dazzle and impress with the stunning blue mink and fox fur coat. Accentuated with a dyed fox fur collar that runs like a waterfall along the hem. Pair it with black leather pants and a matching bag...

Blue Black Fox Fur Vest Hooded


Alluring and iresistible , the fully let out hooded fox fur vest will magnetize compliments . Enjoy the silhouette enhancing tapered waist  and the wide rounded collar effect of the hood when it...

Burgundy Red Fox Fur Coat Waist Length Amelie


A red fox fur coat . Made of pelts coming directly from northern Finland . The arctic circle climate provides the ideal condition for super long haired pelts of high density and incomparable hair...

Chinchilla Fur Coat Bell Bottom Sleeves


Natural handcrafted chinchilla fur coat with rounded stand up collar and bell bottom sleeves , made of Kopenhaagen fur pelts. Plush texture , handstitched silk lining. Wear with black or gray slacks.

brown cross fox fur jacket on model

Cross Fox Fur Jacket


A visual harmony of earthly shades , the cross fox fur jacket will be easy to accesorize with brown leather bag , boots and beige dresses or pants.

Crystal Fox Fur Coat Monique


A crystal fox fur coat   . Made of pelts coming directly from northern Finland. The arctic circle climate provides the ideal condition for super long haired pelts of high density and...

Golden Island Fox Fur Vest Let Out Aysel


The golden island fox fur vest's color palette with reds, browns and whites , is an exotic addition to your wardrobe. Match it with beige pants and brown castor leather boots. Made with skin to skin...

Green Fox Fur Coat Full Length


The petrol green long fox fur coat featuring an A-shape design and ultra wide bottom sweep is an excellent proposition of a majestic coat. Made of fox fur halfskins , the volume and weight is reduced...

Green Red Fox Fur Coat


Unique color combination and sharp lines with a casual-not-trying-hard character. The red green fox fur jacket features a rounded collar, a zipper with leather interface and slightly tapered...

Hooded Chinchilla Coat


Refined luxury mid hip chinchilla coat with diagonal stitching of Kopenhaagen fur pelts and a solid , oversized , generous hood made of fur inside out , turning into a shawl collar when off. Genuine...

Hooded SAGA Silver Fox Fur Coat


There is nothing more feminine than a long haired silver fox fur coat. Mysterious and seductive.The hood's design and color palette create a flattering frame around the face . The 4/5 cropped sleeves...

Long Blue Fox Fur Vest With Silver Fox Collar


Restrained and aristocratic , the sumptuous blue long vest is designed to provide you with a royal look. The silver fox shawl collar is a brilliant addition for you that will not compromise with the...

Men's  Leather Mink Fur Bomber Jacket SIZE S

Men's Leather Mink Fur Bomber Jacket SIZE S

R$10,334 R$5,162

Give yourself a glow up with the sleek fusion bomber jacket featuring supple ,gloss finished lamb leather and sheared black mink fur. The waist and cuffs are elasticised for that cool bomber jacket...

Men's Blue Swakara Lamb Biker Fur Coat


Sleek design with sharp lines and tight fit , inspired by biker's clothing fashion. Heavy duty warmth and wind stopping capacity combined with comfort ,unique looks , durability and low volume...

men's  hooded reversible silver fox fu bomber coatr coat leather coat with zipper closure

Men's Hooded Leather Reversible Fox Fur Coat SIZE M/L

R$12,401 R$7,234

Play the game at your own terms with the Equalizer fox fur and leather reversible fur coat. Tackle any extreme weather with ease , be it heavy snow , rain or wind. The tough waterproof leather will...