Fox Fur

Fox fur coats probably represent the most iconic fur type in the fur fashion industry the past 50 years. The image of the long and curvy haired fox fur garment is the first one to come in mind to most people when they hear the word fur. It is the second most sold fur, only after mink.


Black Fox Fur Jacket Lara


An essential fox fur jacket to escort you with finesse to any occasion. You cannot go wrong wiht the Lara fox jacket whether it is a formal occasion , a fancy restaurant or a cocktail party. Spruce up your look with wrist jewelry and an elegant hair tie...

Purple Fox Fur Coat Aisha


The Aisha purple fox fur coat is a discreet adddition to your wardrobe. The undertoned purple color will reflect soft light , easily match widely used lipstick colors and thus create a color harmony that will enhance your facial features. The luscious...

Red Fox Fur Coat Full Skin Amarna


A red fox fur coat  with black shades and ultra long hair made to steal the show . Wear casually with your track pants and a pair of sunglasses and do not be surprised if you get mistaken for a celebrity !

Black Fox Fur Jacket Hood leather sleeves


A sexy fox and leather fur jacket  . Waist is made of leather and fastens with zipper . Featuring a fox fur hood . Inner lining is made of black silk . Sleeves are made of black leather . A fresh look that combines leather and fox fur . .  A...

Off White Fox Fur Vest Hooded


An off white fox fur vest featuring a solid hood made of fur on both sides and a matching belt accentuated with a luxury pin . Lined with cream silk lining and lamb's wool for sharp shape definition . Closes with furrier hooks & loops garnished with...

Brown Fox Fur Vest


A brown fox fur vest . Made of pelts coming directly from northern Finland . The arctic circle climate provides the ideal condition for super long haired pelts of high density and incomparable hair quality . This fur vest is brand new ,silky , plush and...

Pink Black Hooded Fox Vest SIZES M/L

Pink Black Hooded Fox Vest SIZES M/L

$600.00 $400.00

Introducing our sleek and stylish Black Hooded Fox Vest, the epitome of elegance and warmth. Crafted with the finest attention to detail, this vest is designed to elevate your winter wardrobe effortlessly. Picture yourself enveloped in the luxurious...

Silver Fox Fur Vest Selene SIZES M/L

Silver Fox Fur Vest Selene SIZES M/L

$600.00 $400.00

Introducing our Feathered Silver Fox Fur Vest, a mesmerizing blend of opulence and sophistication. Crafted with the utmost precision and care, this vest exudes elegance with its luxurious feathered silver fox fur. Embrace the epitome of chic with the...

Neon Pink Fox Coat  SIZES L/XL

Neon Pink Fox Coat SIZES L/XL

$1,400.00 $900.00

Introducing our electrifying neon fox fur coat, a bold statement piece that exudes confidence and glamour. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this coat is designed to turn heads and steal the spotlight wherever you go. Featuring a luxurious...

Dark Purple Fox Fur Coat


Modern, sexy, and sassy. Dark purple tones of long-haired fox fur are combined with elastic cuffs and collar and accentuated with a black leather belt. Walk with confidence and steal the show with this bohemian luxury piece. 

Hooded Green Fox Fur Vest


Turn heads with the bright green hooded fox fur vest. Dare to wear with a sleeveless shirt and instantly turn into the hottest presence in the room. 

Ginger Fox Fur Bomber Jacket


Step out of the ordinary with the funky , swagger  look of the ginger fox fur bomber jacket. Plush Saga fox fur in a ginger white combination with sleeve stripes ,referring to a relaxed college look. Boxy cut and low profile collar.Pair with...

Hooded SAGA Silver Fox Fur Coat


There is nothing more feminine than a long haired silver fox fur coat. Mysterious and seductive.The hood's design and color palette create a flattering frame around the face . The 4/5 cropped sleeves allow jewelry dispalay such as braceletes and create...

Multicolor Hooded Fox Coat


Not your standard fox fur coat. Unique and fresh color combination . Bold and playful with an artistic touch. Lightweight and at the same time ultra warm. Soft , silky texture.By wearing it , you are not immitating a celebrity look , you are creating one...

White Blue Fox Fur Jacket


 Urban , casual and chic , this sectional fox fur coat  features a modern rendering of the classic short fox jacket with the dual white-blue look. The downsized collar can be lifted up for a sassy style. Boxy cut and slightly widened sleeve...

Blue Black Saga Fox Fur Coat 4/5 Sleeves


Elegant and warm coat with a triple color palette that produces a low profile yet interesting look. The upper collarless part wraps your shoulders like a stole  and the neck luxury button adds a nice visual touch. The lower two thirds are made of...

White Fox Fur Coat "Blue Fox"


Made of pelts coming directly from northern Finland. The arctic circle climate provides the ideal condition for super long haired pelts of high density and incomparable hair quality. This fur coat is brand new ,silky , plush and supple Ultra high...

White Fox Fur Coat "Platinum"


Made of pelts coming directly from northern Finland. The arctic circle climate provides the ideal condition for super long haired pelts of high density and incomparable hair quality. This fur coat is brand new ,silky , plush and supple Ultra high...

Purple Fox Fur Coat


Oversized notched collar provides an excellent frame to showcase that wonderful make up and boost the elegant lady look. The feathered fox reduces volume while retaining the coat's warmth , even at the lowest temperatures. Long haired cuffs are a subtle...

Green Red Fox Fur Coat


Unique color combination and sharp lines with a casual-not-trying-hard character. The red green fox fur jacket features a rounded collar, a zipper with leather interface and slightly tapered waistline. 

Long Blue Fox Fur Vest With Silver Fox Collar


Restrained and aristocratic , the sumptuous blue long vest is designed to provide you with a royal look. The silver fox shawl collar is a brilliant addition for you that will not compromise with the ordinary. 

Black Striped Fox Fur Coat


Designed to fulfill your need to be special with an  blend of artistic and sportive style. The classic fox fur jacket with the luscious shawl collar is updated to a contemporary look. 

Multicolor Fox Fur Jacket Fully Let Out


Optimistic , fun and creative look . The bright colors and floral patterns create a unique look , to be found nowhere else. Look special , be special.

Red Fox Fur Jacket Elbow Sleeves Diagonal Pattern


Feminine , classy and never out of fashion. The diagonal pattern is proven to elongate and slenderize the look of your silhouette. Elaborate , pleasing to the eye pattern . Wear with your hair pulled up and style with your favorite bracelet for an...

Multicolor Floral Fox Fur Coat


A vivacious , bright color combinations. Inspire optimism and a ray of sunshine to your surroundings and receive positive feedback with the floral fox fur coat.

White Green Fox Fur Coat Shawl Fox Collar


The green white fox fur coat inspires joy and reflects an optimistic attitude. Pair with white pants for a pure , celebrity stand out look and show the real diva inside you.

Silver Fox Fur Coat Hip Length Fully Let out


The 80’s look is so back and this let out silver fox fur coat is so definitve of the real Lady look.  The luscious collar with side arches contrasts lovely with the low nap upper part of the coat. V-shaped stitching on the lower part and...

Multicolor Fox Fur Coat New York


Another unique creation from Skandinavik Fur. This fully let out,boxy cut  fox fur coat with an out of the ordinary color combination will keep you warm in the coldest winter days. Stand out and look speciial with a fur  you won’t find...

Red Fox Fur Coat Fit In Waist


The fit in waist red fox fur coat combines the luscious look of red long haired , fluffy fox and a sharp shape definition thanks to the tapered waist and the oblique cut of the pelts. Best of both worlds. Rich and elegant look , all in one. Wear it with...

Multicolor Fox Fur Cape New York


When the winter chill comes , let the New York fox fur cape caress you and keep you warm and comfortable with ois supple texture. The side slits allow freedom of motion and the general design promotes a feminine , stylish and subtly vulnerable look ...

Multicolor Fox Fur Coat Firenze


Floral patterns  and perfect craftmanship set apart this A-shaped , fully let out fox fur coat. Featuring a downsized shawl collar and bell bottom sleeves . Unique design , meant to promote your artistic nature and sophidticated taste.

Multicolor Fox Fur Cape


Inspired by three precious metals , gold , silver and platiunum , the multicolor fox fur cape oozes luxury and class. Let it cover you in comfort and warmth , enjoy the supple sensation and be prepared for several compliments.

White Silver Fox Vest


A classy combination of white polar and silver fox, cut into trapezoid shape that elongates your silhouette.Get that sophisticated continental lady look instantly and compliment it with a leather bag and your favorite bracelet.

Blue Black Fox Fur Vest Hooded


Alluring and iresistible , the fully let out hooded fox fur vest will magnetize compliments . Enjoy the silhouette enhancing tapered waist  and the wide rounded collar effect of the hood when it is off. The hand stitched satin lining compliments the...

Asymetric Blue Hooded Fox Vest


Not your standard fox fur vest , the oblique side cuts and the rich texture of the asymmetric fox fur vest is what sets it apart. Made of sectional silver fox fur dyed in deep blue.Pair it with black leather pants and a matching handbag.Modern , warm ,...

green and black fully let out fox fur coat with padded shoulders

Retro Green Black Fox Fur Coat

$1,800.00 $1,400.00

80's retro style fur coat with padded shoulder and tube core cut. Nostalgic , all time classic and ultra cool . Easy to pair and match with any black piece on your wardrobe. 

Multicolor Fox Coat Aegean Magic


The Aegean magic fox fur coat goes the extra mile and features a playful , long haired addition of dark blue fox to spice up an otherwise classic silver and white combo. Minimalistic stand up collar and cropped sleeves will let you display jewelry...

Fully Let out Red Fox Fur Coat


A gorgeous long red fox fur coat made with the fully let out technique by our skilled artisans. The black  satin lining has been hand stitched to ensure excellent draping. The coat features a majestic full skin shawl fox collar  and an A-Line...

Burgundy Red Fox Fur Coat Waist Length Amelie


A red fox fur coat . Made of pelts coming directly from northern Finland . The arctic circle climate provides the ideal condition for super long haired pelts of high density and incomparable hair quality . This fur coat is brand new ,silky , plush and...

Fox fur belongs to the ‘fluffy” range. It has long, silky guard hair with high density, whereas its underfur is of lower density and that is why you will rarely find a sheared fox fur coat in the market. In terms of warmth, it is one of the warmest furs around.

Designers like it because of its versatility. Extravagant, eye catching looks with a fair amount of wilderness makes them extremely popular on runways. Fox fur coats and accessories are the sexiest of them all. They leave a luscious and rich impression.

Style wise , you may find the whole range of clothing types and accessories in the market such as vests , capes , boleros , full length coats , short jackets , pon pons , hats , etc. Fox fur collars and trims are the most popular way to spruce up and style garments not only made of fabric and leather but of fur as well. Mink and fox are one of the most successful marriages.

Fox fur coats and fox garment in general are all about drama, extravaganza. They are a statement and leave a powerful impression. They transform your look, evoke other people’s attention, and break the monotony of daily life. Full length, hooded fur coats are a bold choice for those who want to stand out. Accessories like trim and collars are for those who want an extra boost and flare. All the rest , lie somewhere in between.

Color wise they come in natural colors such as silver , red , blue frost , arctic , cross fox , marble , platinum ,white and in dyed fox the sky is the limit.

Size recommendations. Fox fur coats have volume and their and inherently incompatible with sharp and defined look. As a rule of thumb, you should go for a wide fit because a snug fit, most likely will not be flattering. Here at Skandinavikfur, we provide size charts for all our garments with detailed instructions on measuring. If in doubt you may contact us for a prompt, informational and valid support from our specialized personnel.

Durability. Fox fur coats are in the mid-range when it comes to how long they last. With proper care you can enjoy them for up to 15 years. One should take into consideration that all long haired furs, hate being squeezed on a car seat or a chair. So, avoid wearing your fox fur while driving or when sitting on a chair make sure you are not sitting on your fur.

Price. They are mid to high ranged. In general, fox fur is an excellent choice as being your first fur . It includes all the essence and magic that furs are all about.