Mink Fur

Whiskey Mink Fur Coat


 The modern classic cut of the Whiskey Mink Fur Coat is spruced up with external pockets adding extra depth. Generous bottom sweep and velvety smooth mink texture promise a rich look . Its natural  golden brown tones create a unique look that...

Sapphire Hooded Mink Fur Coat


One of the most sought-after natural mink colors is the sapphire. The gray and silver tones are aesthetically pleasing and produce a luxurious, classy look. The sapphire mink fur coat features a widened bottom sweep, a luscious hood and supple Platinum...

Whiskey Hooded Mink Fur Coat


A luscious mink fur coat with rich and supple texture. Designed to create a dominant presence with the widened bottom sweep and its classic A-line. Let the posh hood cover you and add a sense of mystery or let it off and allow the elegant collar to...

Blue Black Mink Fur Stroller


Wrap yourself this winter with a posh navy-blue coat. Feel the warmth of the supple Saga mink fur and wear this jack of all trades on any occasion. Pair it with blue jeans or black dress pants

Intarsia Mink Fur Stroller


Escape from the dull, daily routine with a futuristic sheared mink fur coat. A display of advanced taste that will set you apart and be a statement of your uniqueness and creativity.