Mink Fur

brown let out mink fur coat

Brown Mink Fur Coat Fully Let out

R$10,073 R$4,533

What sets apart a fully let out fur coat from the rest is its dynamic character. The swinging motion of the garment while moving is dazzling and creates an image unlike any. The let out technique involves cutting the pelts into...

Black Mink Fur Coat and Sable Hood


A natural solid black female mink fur storller with a majestic cobra shaped hood lined with sable fur. Saga origin selected female skins , soft with low nap and exquisite sheen. A luxurious , formal , red carpet worthy coat , timeless , durable and never...

red chinchilla and mink fur jacket

Red Chinchilla & Mink Sheared Fur Coat

R$10,073 R$8,562

 Dazzle and stun with a display of fine taste and a unique combination of luxury furs. The sheared mink is supple, elegant, and classy and the chinchilla makes a true statement of a posh piece of outerwear...

Gray Mink Fur Jacket Notched Collar

R$13,094 R$7,051

A casually luxurious mink jacket with a bohemian attitude. Easy to match and wear. Pair with jeans and high heels for a rock and roll look. Made of supple mink skins with low nap and has a matte, low key finish. Widened at the chest area and gradually...

Hooded SAGA Black Mink Coat Skin to Skin


Black velvety mink fur pelts have been put together to create this luscious fur coat. The classic straight cut and the widened bottom sweep provide a majestic look, and swinging motion. The slight;y offset hood closure adds a touch of drama . Excellent...

Black Mink Cape Stand Up Collar


What is not to be loved in this black mink cape? Chic, simple, comfortable strolls at the mall or evening meetings with a European flavor in style. Coming with a loose fit and elbow length sleeve to allow for that watch or bracelet to shine. Pair with a...

Multicolor Mink Fur Coat Hooded Full Length


One of a kind multicolor hooded mink fur coat for you that you need to stand out of the pack. Be extraordinary with this out of the ordinary , high aesthetics creation .

Mahogany Mink Fur Bolero


Natural mahogany mink fur bolero featuring a matching lamb leather belt , with 4/5 length sleeves and collarless design. An aristocratic , elegant garment , endorsing minimalistic trends . Made of carefully slected supple mink pelts by our artisans ,...

Demi Buff Mink Fur Coat Fully Let out

Demi Buff Mink Fur Coat Fully Let out

R$12,591 R$7,554

What sets apart a fully let out fur coat from the rest is its dynamic character. The swinging motion of the garment while moving is dazzling and creates an image unlike any. The let out technique involves cutting the pelts into...

Black Cross Mink Fur Etol


Sheer class and finesse. Elevate any look with the fine black cross mink fur cape. Let it wrap around you and feel the warmth and its supple texture. Simple, ultra-feminine and an all-time classic

Pink Mink Fur Coat Hooded


Break the monotony on those gloomy winter days and be a flower of inspiration and joy. The bright pink color will fix your mood. Made of Platinum quality mink and by Skandinavik Fur’s skilled craftsmen. The neon pink fur coat features a relaxed...

Gray Mink fur coat With Silver fox Collar


Stand out with this icy cool gray mink and silver fox fur coat. The main jacket is carefully constructed with wide stripes of smooth, dense mink fur. Mink is exceptionally warm and the careful layering and sewing of these pelts creates a smooth jacket...

Emerald Green Mink fur coat With Fox collar


There's nothing more luxurious than smooth mink fur and rich jewel tone colors. This designer fur coat features a classic length that hits just below the hips and long sleeves that protect from the cold with coverage down to the wrists. A deep-V collar...

Hooded Green Mink Or Navy Blue Saga Fur Coat Full Skin


A fairy tale that came true describes this SAGA hooded mink fur coat with the widened bottom sweep and asymetric cut . Featuring three sewing types - diagonal at the bottom sweep , horizontal at the sleeve ends and fully let out at the hood and main body...

Black Mink Chevron Coat


It is all about gloss, sheen, and texture. The deep, rich black color of the chevron pattern sewn mink tails will upgrade any outfit in a discreet fashion. Pair it with red heels for a bolder look. 

Green Mink Vest pleya


Let the long green mink fur jacket graciously frame your silhouette. The widened sleeves on shoulder height create an athletic look and flatter by making the waist look narrower by the principle of proportions. Sleek sheared mink fur with a contrasting...

Pearl Mink Fur Jacket


Short and sweet pearl mink fur jacket to keep you warm and comfy in the most luxurious manner. Unique SAGA mink fur texture and soft natural pearl color to illuminate your complexion and send positive vibes. 

Burgundy Mink Fur Coat


Deep , rich burgundy color ideal for brunettes and dark complexion ladies. A piece that oozes class and will compliment your outfit without being over the top. Excellent hair sheen that creates a posh look for any occasion that needs glamour in a...

Pink Mink Fur Coat Roselyn


High end design with crisp lines and geometric pattern. The Roselyn mink fur coat has a modern classic design to upgrade your collection with an elite piece.   

Brown Mink Fur Coat with Lynx Hood


Silky smooth mink fur  with excellent sheen paired with exotic lynx fur. A gorgeous pallette of earhtly browns to elevate your look and make you shine . Standard fit , tapered waistline and widened bottom sweep.   

Black Mink fur coat with Lynx Hood


Wrap yourself in luxurious furs and show off your personality with an attention-grabbing lynx fur hood. Deep black mink furs are layered with precision to create seamless lines across the body. You'll love the dense, plush softness that each fur pelt...

Sapphire Mink Fur Coat Short Sleeved Knee Length


A sleak sapphire mink fur coat made of female mink fur skins , stitched skin to skin. Elegant , minimalistic design with short sleeves and a fit in waist.Sapphire mink is one of the most appraised natural mink colors. Skins with low guardhair and dense...

Blackglama Mink Jacket Rex Chinchilla Hood


A blackglama mink fur jacket featuring a solid mink hood accentuated with rex rabbit chinchilla like dyed . A touch of rex rabbit also at the wrist . Lined with black satin inner lining and lamb's wool for sharp shape definition . Side pockets and hooks...

Brown Hooded Let out Mink Fur Coat

Brown Hooded Let out Mink Fur Coat

R$12,591 R$8,562

 Sheer elegance and a display of perfection in craftmanship. The fully let out mink skins create a swinging motion and excellent drape. A silhouette flattering design that trims the torso and widens at the hip area. A true timeless classic. 

Long Sapphire Hooded Mink Fur Coat


Look marvelous in sapphire mink while also keeping extra warm this winter with this Sapphire Mink Hooded Fur Coat. Featuring the beauty of the sapphire mink as well as a hood to keep the chill out, this hooded fur coat is the ultimate in luxury fur...

Hooded Mink Coat Black Swan


A piece that will stand apart from the rest by its sheen and the rich black color. A jewel on its own that will be a display of fine taste. Perfect for any formal occasion, easy to match , while durable and always in fashion. 

Black Let Out Mink With Lynx Cobra Hood


A must have all time classic combination of black mink and lynx fur. Featuring a generous cobra styled hood that serves as a luscious collar when it is not on. Sligthly tapered waist. A top quality garment made by our experienced artisans carrying a 60...

Brown Mink Fur Coat Knee Length


A sheared brown mink fur coat , knee length with bell bottom seeves accentuated with luxury golden plated chains. Featuring an A-pattern design . Narrow at the top and gradually widening , ending to a wide bottom sweep. 4 inch slits on sleeves.Closes...

Red Sheared Mink Coat Fabrine

Red Sheared Mink Coat Fabrine


Rich burgundy color , ultra supple texture and an explosion of drama with the silver fox collar and cuffs. Make a statment , make t=an entrance and steal the show in style. 

White Mink Fur Jacket


Short and sweet are two of the words that you can use to describe this wondrous white mink jacket. Featuring a layered look and ultra-warm, this fur jacket is the ideal way to enjoy the luxury of mink while also wearing a short fur jacket.

Beige Mink Fur Coat Hooded With Belt


Who said that luxury cannot be casual? The hooded beige mink fur coat is ideal for daily use whether the occasion is shopping at the mall or having a coffee with friends. Apart from keeping you warm the hood adds extra style thanks to the...

Whiskey Mink Fur Coat


 The modern classic cut of the Whiskey Mink Fur Coat is spruced up with external pockets adding extra depth. Generous bottom sweep and velvety smooth mink texture promise a rich look . Its natural  golden brown tones create a unique look that...

Blue Mink Fur Coat Knee Length Cropped Sleeves


Make a bold statement in your formal social events and turn heads by being aristocratic at the same time . A rich ,deep blue , eye catching color combined with a crisp and elegant design allows you to stand out of the crowd and look like a million...

Navy Mink Fur Jacket Hooded

R$9,569 R$7,554

Elaborate, yet tres chic hooded mink fur coat. Ultra plush , velvety mink with low nap , keeping in mind your need for low bulk look. Designed for ladies with sophisticated taste. Match it with a black mini skirt or leather pants and pair it with your...

Lavender short mink fur jacket


Dress down and pair it with faded jeans and heeled slippers or dress up with a white dress. The soft lilac hues come easy to the eye and lighten up your complexion

Black Mink Coat & Leather Belt


If you like the sharp, clean, and disciplined look of uniforms then this coat is for you. Establish a look of authority, success and communicate your dynamic personality. The leather belt adds an extra layer of styling. 

Green Mink Vest


Sleek, modern design with a stand-up collar that seamlessly connects to the main body and creates a torso lengthening effect. Wear it with a sleeveless shirt. Ideal for the ladies with slim arms. The fur and natural skin contrast has a unique sex appeal.

Burgundy Hooded Mink Fur Coat


Rich burgundy color that enhances the look of ladies with dark complexion or fair skinned when paired with matching lipstick. Luscious silver fox trim on the hood and solid cuffs. Cannot get posher than this.

black and white monk fur pullover

Black and White Mink Pullover

R$3,777 R$3,374

Unzip it, pull it on and match it with a pair of faded jeans and heels or wear it over a white pleated dress. The black and white mink fur pullover features a minimalistic design, standard fit, collarless look, and cropped sleeves.

Sapphire Hooded Mink Fur Coat


One of the most sought-after natural mink colors is the sapphire. The gray and silver tones are aesthetically pleasing and produce a luxurious, classy look. The sapphire mink fur coat features a widened bottom sweep, a luscious hood and supple Platinum...