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Men's Fur Coats

Mens fur coats are a great addition to a man's wardorbe . Not only made to keep you warm during harsh winter but also they serve as a display of style , status and serve the modern man's need to be unique and stand out of the pack The most popular mens fur coats are made of mink , coyote , raccoon lamb and chinchilla fur. 

Let's face it though , the male fur market is not as big as women's market and thus the available mens furs are limited in supply , color and design variety. Mens fur garments are expensive to make and stocking a big amount means commitment of a huge capital for a company and this translates in high price tags. Skandinavik Fur is no different in this aspect . However what makes us different is that we are fur makers and handle any type of fur and have a a large number of male patterns and talented designers at our disposal  to help you create the fur of your dreams at a fraction of the cost but not a fraction of the quality. Just contact us!


Blue  Hooded Mink Fur Coat

Blue Hooded Mink Fur Coat


Every day is different , every occasion is a new challenge and we need to adapt. Let the blue hooded mink fur coat be your companion . Adjust the leather side belts for a loose and relaxed fit or a tighter one. Thick , silky SAGA mink skins will keep you...

mens blue black chinchilla bomber jacket with hood elasticized waist and cuffs zipper closure

Men's Blue Black Chinchilla Hooded Bomber Jacket


In a fashion world dominated by multinational brands offering mass produced garments , the need to stand out and be unique is greater than ever. The blue black chinchilla bomber jacket is here to make sure you get a rare color combination and walk in...

mens saga hooded mink fur coat zipper closure

Men's Multicolor Hooded Mink Fur Coat


Stay warm this winter while keeping a crisp look with the hooded SAGA mink fur coat. If you are looking for a sportive,  casual and yet luxurious look then this is the way to go. The mink fur's high insulation index keeps you toasty warm and you can...

Mens Shadow Fox Fur Hooded Coat


A robust solution to tackle the cold weather in a dominant fashion. Thick , solid SAGA shadow fox skins , sewn by our skilled fur makers , create a comfortable yet ultra warm coat. Featuring a generous , no nonsense hood , made of fur on both sides ...

Black Reversible Hooded Leather Fox Fur Bomber Jacket


Defy the weather in style with this robust bomber jacket. Made of  treated , waterproof lamb leather and gris fox fur that provide warmth , breathability ,comfort and one of a kind look. Whether you like a sleek , modern urban look or a rugged one ,...

Reversible Leather Fox Bomber Jacket


Defy the weather in style with this robust bomber jacket. Made of  treated , waterproof lamb leather and gris fox fur that provide warmth , breathability ,comfort and one of a kind look. Whether you like a sleek , modern urban look or a rugged one ,...

Reversible Hooded Fox Fur Bomber Jacket Reversible


Take your game to the next level with the reversible fox fur jacket. Elasticized waist and cuffs will add an extra layer of insulation. Versatility in looks . Wear it with the fur inside for a casual urban look or turn it the other way for a wilder ,...

Hooded Black Fox Fur Jacket


Experience comfort , warmth and and practicality with the hooded fox fur jacket. Easy to match with any style , casual or formal . Made of sectional fox fur that provides a masculine "rugged" look and features a heavy duty zipper. Lihtweight , yet...

Hooded Sable Fur Coat


Once reserved for Kings , the superior Russian sable fur is the heavy artillery in the world of fur. Superior texture , warmth , sheen , comfort and durability,it excels in every aspect. Instantly gain respect. 

Reversible Hooded Chinchilla Leather Bomber Jacket


Make a solid statement with the reversible chinchilla -leather hooded fur coat. The undisputed luxurious , high-end natural matterials inspire respect and make a powerful statement of your status in a stylish and cool manner. The unique  contrast of...

Men's Lynx Fur Coat With Fin Raccoon Collar Halfskins


Raw and rugged masculine look is what sets this lynx fur coat apart from the rest. A robust finn raccoon collar adds to the adventurous style of this piece. High thermal index , resiliant fur and excellent craftmanship by our artisans carrying a 60 year...

Black Sheared Beaver Fur Trench Coat With Notched Collar


Stay sharp and warm this winter with this sumptuous black sheared beaver fur coat. The chevron pattern sewing provides a masculine look along with a relaxed fit and clean design lines. The notched collar can be left down when pursuing a formal look or...

Men's Hooded Chinchilla Fur Bomber Jacket Reversible


A powerhouse of coolness , the reversible hooded chinchilla delivers . Warmth , luxury , style and a cool , relaxed attitude. The checked lining offers a nowhere to be found unique visual contrast. Solid ,thick fur Kopenhagen chinchilla pelts with smooth...

Men's Blue Swakara Lamb Biker Fur Coat


Sleek design with sharp lines and tight fit , inspired by biker's clothing fashion. Heavy duty warmth and wind stopping capacity combined with comfort ,unique looks , durability and low volume. SWAKARA lamb is one of the toughest furs and wil be your...

Men's Hooded Reversible Fox Fur Coat Equalizer


Play the game at your own terms with the Equalizer fox fur and leather reversible fur coat. Tackle any extreme weather with ease , be it heavy snow , rain or wind. The tough waterproof leather will only get better in time as it breaks in . The thick...

Mens Reversible Silver Fox and Leather Bomber Jacket Hooded


Rugged and robust , this silver fox fur bomber jacket oozes with testosterone and luxury. The thick calf leather and the heavy duty zipper mean business. Designed to keep your core temperature high and your cool-o-meter even higher. Versatile dual look...

Men's Black Mink Fur Bomber Jacket Hooded


Essential black mInk fur jacket with hood. A solid piece that can easily match with any garment in your collection. Dense undefur and low guardhair SAGA mink pelts guarantee warmth , comfort and durability. Elasticised waistline and cuffs add to the...

Cross Fox Mens Fur Coat


A sheer display of power and status the cross fox fur coat will leave no doubts of who is the alpha.  The dense , long haired , rugged SAGA cross fox fur  is imposing and a feast for the eye. A style oozing testosterone and defiance, augmented...

men's fox fur coat blue frost fully let out

Blue frost Men's Fox Fur Coat

€1,726 €1,294

A classic straight cut , no-nonsense mens fox fur coat. Stay warm while wearing  the coolest jacket this winter.  Pull up the classic cut collar and get a bohemian look. Fully let out ,dense fox fur skins are cut into stripes and stitched back...

Men's Gray Mink Fur Bomber  jacket Hooded  with zipper closure front view

Men's Gray Mink Fur Bomber jacket Hooded

€1,726 €1,294

Stand out of the pack  without looking that you are trying too hard with the low profile color of the hooded mink fur jacket. NAFA ceritified mink pelts with dense underfur and low guardhair ensure low volume , high thermal insulation and durability...

Blue Jean Colored Hooded Mink Fur Coat


Sharp lines , comfort and practicality are some of the attributes of this luxury piece. Wear with a white shirt , black pants and a leather belt or dress down and pair it with jeans. The thick underfur NAFA mink skins have been plucked to create a clean...

Mens Hooded Black Cross Mink Fur Coat


There is absolutely no reason to sacrifice a sharp ,smart look to stay warm with a bulky , stiff jacket. The high thermal index of mink fur and the dress suit cut , along with sporty chevron stitching pattern will keep you toasty warm and stylish. Dress...

Black Mink Fur Coat Classic


Stay crisp and toasty warm with an all time classic mink fur coat. Designed to replace a suit top where low temperatures are restricting and eradicates the need for an overcoat. Solid NAFA mink skins guarantee comfort and warmth with their thick underfur...

Black Mink Fur Coat Leather Details


A unique mink fur coat with western style heritage. Genuine calf leather around the hem and collar edges produce a sharply defined shape. The sheen ,warmth and texture of the NAFA mink skins have no equal. 

Yellow Fox Fur Coat Hooded Full Length


The long , hooded yellow fox fur coat with the A-shape design and wide bottom sweep will make you stand out with a strong statement. Made of fox halfskins , lightweight warm and supple.Pair it with a black outfit and add yellow glasses and shoes to get...

Men's Green Mink Fur Bomber Hooded


Our high-end version of the hooded bomber jacket. Comfort ,style , warmth and durability , all in one package. Rich underfur , short guardhair SAGA mink pelts. Pair with jeans , sunglasses and brown leather boots.

Mens Mink Fur Coat Black with Mahogany Collar


A jack of all trades and a master of everything.  One of our most versatile items that can be worn daily , casually and formally. Dress up with a shirt ,dress pants and leather shoes or go casual with jeans, brown boots and a hat. You cannot go...

Blue Frost Fox Mens Fox Fur Coat


Imposing , awe-inspiring SAGA fur long coat. Make a strong  statement with the ultra masculine  design. Dense , solid blue frost fox pelts , stitched skin to skin and an oversized notched ,shawl collar. 

Mens Cross Fox Fur Bomber Jacket Stand Up Collar


Take the cold weather out of the equation in style and luxury this winter with the cross fox bomber jacket. Wild , raw natural color that will match perfectly your brown leather belt and boots. Stand up collar , straight classic cut. 

Blue Hooded Fox Fur Lined Men's Parka


Take your game to the next level with the reversible fox fur jacket. Elasticized waist and cuffs will add an extra layer of insulation. Versatility in looks . Wear it with the fur inside for a casual urban look or turn it the other way for a wilder ,...

White Fur Lined Hooded Parka


Who says fur coats are only for females? This Silver Fox Reversible Men’s Hooded Fur Parka will be sure to give a guy the fantastic warmth of real silver fox fur while also remaining masculine with its daring design! It’s also a reversible...

Yellow Reversible Fox Fur Lined Hooded Parka


Take your game to the next level with the reversible fox fur jacket. Elasticized waist and cuffs will add an extra layer of insulation. Versatility in looks . Wear it with the fur inside for a casual urban look or turn it the other way for a wilder ,...

Which fur type should I pick?

A major division between men’s fur coats is the hair length. Long haired furs are fox, coyote, and raccoon. At the shortest end of the spectrum you will find mink, lynx, rex rabbit and Persian lamb. Chinchilla and sable are somewhere in the middle.

Long haired men’s fur coats tend to have a more rugged, masculine look. They have a wilder, robust feel and look. You can match them with jeans, sneakers, joggers, boots and in general create a casual look.

Short haired men’s fur coats have a clean, crisp, tighter look and can be matched with jeans, dress pants and shirts.

As always, the above are a general rule and in fashion ... rules are meant to be broken!

Warmest men’s fur coats

Long haired, thick furs such as coyote, fox and raccoon are the warmest ones in the market. The long guard hair serves as a wind stopper while the rich underfur provides most of the insulation. The compromise is practicality since an extremely thick fur will limit the freedom of arm’s motion.

Short haired furs such as mink or sheared beaver have a lower thermal index compared to the above. The advantage is practicality in daily use since a less bulky coat will be more comfortable.

Be aware that fur has a higher thermal insulation index than any other natural material in the clothing industry for its thickness and weight. This means that even a sheared beaver fur coat is guaranteed to keep you cozy and warm unless you plan a trip to Antarctica!

Men’s Fur coat styles

One of the most popular men’s fur coat style is the bomber jacket. It is versatile, masculine, and practical. Suitable for daily use and can be worn with jeans and boots or with sweatpants and sneakers if a street fashion look is what you are aiming for. A hooded bomber fur coat has a fuller and more robust look.

The notched collar is a classic collar cut that is widely requested for its manly and empowering look. It is recommended for mid hip and longer coats. Suitable both for fluffy and “flat” haired furs. If the alpha male look is your goal, then a notched collar men’s fur coat is a must have.

Fur Lined coats

Combining the best of both worlds, a reversible men’s fur coat is a versatile solution. The dual look is the obvious advantage. The special and unique look is the subtle one. A fur lined, leather coat is unbeatable when one is wearing it with the fur inside and the zipper is halfway closed or totally unzipped. The fur lining creates a killer contrast and serves as a display of expensive taste without being over the top flashy. A great choice if you want to impress without showing that you are trying too hard.

Before taking the decision to buy a reversible, fur lined coat you should take into consideration whether you want the sleeves to be lined with fur. Fur lined sleeves may be uncomfortable for some but if it is a uniform look that you want most when wearing the coat from the furry side then it is highly recommended to opt for fur lined sleeves.

Custom made

We at Skandinavik Fur have a tradition of more than 60 years in fur making and handle any type of fur and leather. Custom orders are more than welcome.

The services we offer are:

  1. Tailor fit men’s fur coats
  2. Natural colors or dyed furs
  3. Realization of your dream coat even if it is not listed on the website. A photo will suffice.
  4. Detachable hoods and sleeves
  5. Unlimited choices of lining in almost any color and material
  6. A variety of closure types such as zippers, buttons, and hooks and loops