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Men's Fur Coats

Mens fur coats are a great addition to a man's wardorbe . Not only made to keep you warm during harsh winter but also they serve as a display of style , status and serve the modern man's need to be unique and stand out of the pack The most popular mens fur coats are made of mink , coyote , raccoon lamb and chinchilla fur. 

Let's face it though , the male fur market is not as big as women's market and thus the available mens furs are limited in supply , color and design variety. Mens fur garments are expensive to make and stocking a big amount means commitment of a huge capital for a company and this translates in high price tags. Skandinavik Fur is no different in this aspect . However what makes us different is that we are fur makers and handle any type of fur and have a a large number of male patterns and talented designers at our disposal  to help you create the fur of your dreams at a fraction of the cost but not a fraction of the quality. Just contact us!

Mens Reversible Silver Fox and Leather Bomber Jacket Hooded


Rugged and robust , this silver fox fur bomber jacket oozes with testosterone and luxury. The thick calf leather and the heavy duty zipper mean business. Designed to keep your core temperature high and your cool-o-meter even higher. Versatile dual look...

Blue Frost Fox Mens Fox Fur Coat


Blue frost men's Êfox fur coat made with skin to skin technique. Features a luscious notched collar . Imposing and impressive look.