Mink Fur

White Mink Fur Vest

White Mink Fur Vest


Indulge in the lavish softness of platinum mink fur that envelops you in a sensation of unparalleled comfort. Each meticulously placed fur exudes sophistication, creating a visual symphony of textures that is both alluring and elegant. The vest's tapered...

brown let out mink fur coat

Brown Mink Fur Coat Fully Let out

$2,000.00 $900.00

What sets apart a fully let out fur coat from the rest is its dynamic character. The swinging motion of the garment while moving is dazzling and creates an image unlike any. The let out technique involves cutting the pelts into...

Black Mink Chevron Coat


It is all about gloss, sheen, and texture. The deep, rich black color of the chevron pattern sewn mink tails will upgrade any outfit in a discreet fashion. Pair it with red heels for a bolder look. 

Lavender short mink fur jacket


Dress down and pair it with faded jeans and heeled slippers or dress up with a white dress. The soft lilac hues come easy to the eye and lighten up your complexion

Green Mink Vest pleya


Let the long green mink fur jacket graciously frame your silhouette. The widened sleeves on shoulder height create an athletic look and flatter by making the waist look narrower by the principle of proportions. Sleek sheared mink fur with a contrasting...

Green Mink Vest


Sleek, modern design with a stand-up collar that seamlessly connects to the main body and creates a torso lengthening effect. Wear it with a sleeveless shirt. Ideal for the ladies with slim arms. The fur and natural skin contrast has a unique sex appeal.

Black Cross Mink Fur Etol


Sheer class and finesse. Elevate any look with the fine black cross mink fur cape. Let it wrap around you and feel the warmth and its supple texture. Simple, ultra-feminine and an all-time classic

black and white monk fur pullover

Black and White Mink Pullover

$750.00 $670.00

Unzip it, pull it on and match it with a pair of faded jeans and heels or wear it over a white pleated dress. The black and white mink fur pullover features a minimalistic design, standard fit, collarless look, and cropped sleeves.

White Mink Fur Coat with Genuine Leather


A brand new whiter full skin mink fur coat.Lined with silk inner lining , hooks and loops closure and a magnet on the collar . Carefully selected mink  fur skins and high manufacturing standards with attention to detail .  Length: 36 in /...

Pearl Mink Fur Jacket


Short and sweet pearl mink fur jacket to keep you warm and comfy in the most luxurious manner. Unique SAGA mink fur texture and soft natural pearl color to illuminate your complexion and send positive vibes. 

Brown Mink Fur Coat with Lynx Hood


Silky smooth mink fur  with excellent sheen paired with exotic lynx fur. A gorgeous pallette of earhtly browns to elevate your look and make you shine . Standard fit , tapered waistline and widened bottom sweep.   

Mahogany Mink Fur Bolero


Natural mahogany mink fur bolero featuring a matching lamb leather belt , with 4/5 length sleeves and collarless design. An aristocratic , elegant garment , endorsing minimalistic trends . Made of carefully slected supple mink pelts by our artisans ,...