Mink Fur

Reversible Mink Chinchilla Fur Coat


Introducing the epitome of luxury and sophistication – the Reversible Plucked Mink Fur Coat with Chinchilla Fur Accents. This masterpiece of craftsmanship effortlessly marries opulence and versatility, ensuring you exude elegance from every angle...

Reversible Mink Sable Fur Coat


Introducing the epitome of opulence and versatility – our Reversible Black Mink Coat. This exquisite creation offers a seamless fusion of luxury and adaptability, making a bold statement that transcends trends and time. Crafted...

Long Sapphire Hooded Mink Fur Coat


Look marvelous in sapphire mink while also keeping extra warm this winter with this Sapphire Mink Hooded Fur Coat. Featuring the beauty of the sapphire mink as well as a hood to keep the chill out, this hooded fur coat is the ultimate in luxury fur...

Hooded Green Mink Or Navy Blue Saga Fur Coat Full Skin


A fairy tale that came true describes this SAGA hooded mink fur coat with the widened bottom sweep and asymetric cut . Featuring three sewing types - diagonal at the bottom sweep , horizontal at the sleeve ends and fully let out at the hood and main body...

Blue Iris Mink Fur Coat Adelaide


Blue iris is a highly sought for natural mink color. Enjoy the low-key design which compliments your outfit without being overwhelming. Pair with platinum earrings and a dress to steal the show and project a fine sense of gusto.