Mink Fur

Green Mink & Fox Stroller


Intriguing and versatile. The detachable fox fur skirt creates a look that defies the norm in an aesthetically pleasing way. And when you are in the mood for a simpler look then just unzip it and you have a classic mink jacket

Long Green Mink Vest


Let the long green mink fur jacket graciously frame your silhouette. The widened sleeves on shoulder height create an athletic look and flatter by making the waist look narrower by the principle of proportions. Sleek sheared mink fur with a contrasting...

Green Mink Vest


Sleek, modern design with a stand-up collar that seamlessly connects to the main body and creates a torso lengthening effect. Wear it with a sleeveless shirt. Ideal for the ladies with slim arms. The fur and natural skin contrast has a unique sex appeal.

Burgundy Hooded Mink Fur Coat


Rich burgundy color that enhances the look of ladies with dark complexion or fair skinned when paired with matching lipstick. Luscious silver fox trim on the hood and solid cuffs. Cannot get posher than this.

Black Cross Mink Fur Etol


Sheer class and finesse. Elevate any look with the fine black cross mink fur cape. Let it wrap around you and feel the warmth and its supple texture. Simple, ultra-feminine and an all-time classic

Purple Mink Fur Coat


Absolutely stunning Mink fur coat Mink Full Skin ! So elegant and cozy.You would love to wear it during cold winter days! Very beautiful coat!if you need this fur coat at your size or other inquiries?please feel free to contact usFur coats are one of the...

Pink Mink Fur Coat Hooded


Break the monotony on those gloomy winter days and be a flower of inspiration and joy. The bright pink color will fix your mood. Made of Platinum quality mink and by Skandinavik Fur’s skilled craftsmen. The neon pink fur coat features a relaxed...

long green mink fur coat with shawl fox fur collar

Green Mink Fur Coat Fin Racoon Collar

$1,700.00 $1,300.00

Nothing more impressive than a luscious fin raccoon shawl collar for a stunning entry in that premium theater. The color palette will match excellent with dark haired ladies. Match it with a black outfit and leather boots or heels. 

black and white monk fur pullover

Black and White Mink Pullover

$750.00 $670.00

Unzip it, pull it on and match it with a pair of faded jeans and heels or wear it over a white pleated dress. The black and white mink fur pullover features a minimalistic design, standard fit, collarless look, and cropped sleeves.

Runway Mink Fur Coat Fantasia

$2,200.00 $1,700.00

High-end design with several layers and textures in this modern mink fur coat. Featuring a mink collar that can be worn standing up or folded down, side closure and loose fit. Several hours of skilled craftmanship by Skandinavik Fur. 

Sapphire Hooded Mink Fur Coat


One of the most sought-after natural mink colors is the sapphire. The gray and silver tones are aesthetically pleasing and produce a luxurious, classy look. The sapphire mink fur coat features a widened bottom sweep, a luscious hood and supple Platinum...

Mink Fur Coat Saga Fur Coat Full Skin Hooded


Looking chic has never been easier. The hooded mink fur jacket is a display of fine taste that looks effortlessly elegant. The fine details such as the rhinestone buttons and the asymmetric cut add a subtle touch of glamour. Pair with dress pants or a...

Ciel Mink Fur Coat Saga


A classic urban chic, the Ciel mink fur coat will add an air of subtle luxury to your daily activities. The minimalistic collar and exterior pockets create a casual look to an otherwise high-end item. Made with fully let out SAGA mink fur. 

Black Sculpted Mink Fur Cape


Long hair fox fur creates a harmonious contrast with the sheared mink fur body. A showstopper of a piece that will be complimented. Experience the warmth and silky texture while looking unique with an entirely handmade, natural garment.  

Multicolor Mink Fur Jacket Margot


If you like a high-end mink fur coat and at the same time you prefer a low profile, yet classy look then this coat is for you. Minimalistic, design, matte finish and a palette of colors that is easy to pair with almost anything. Subtle and chick but...

Blue Sheared Mink Fur Jacket Georgette


 The seductive long haired fox will instantly add points to your sex appeal while the sheared mink fur body will not add any extra bulk to your silhouette. Pair with ripped jeans and sunglasses. 

Black Mink Fur Biker's Jacket


Stand out with  a youthful and bohemian look. Designed to create a unisex  biker’s look with an offset zipper. Guaranteed to stop the wind and keep you warm no matter what. 

Blue Sheared Mink Fur Stroller


A classic A-line mink fur stroller with contrasting textures of sheared and full hair mink. The heavier mink bottom sweep creates excellent drape and swings graciously while moving. Pair with glossy black leather pants and balance the matte finish. 

Black Sheared Mink Stroller Arlene


A classy contrast between textures. Clean and crisp look . The sheared mink body reduces excess volume and has a velvety texture whereas the full hair stripes add depth and character. Pair with black leather boots or high heel shoes and accentuate your...

Palomino Mink Fur Jacket Raquel


Buttery soft mink fur that will keep you toasty warm through winter. Short length and bell bottom sleeves. Warm color palette. Add luxury and warmth to your casual activities. Made with SAGA fur and entirely handmade by Skandinavikfur’s skilled...

Mink Fur Jacket Selena


Clean. sharp lines and modern attitude. The Selena mink fur jacket carries the philosophy less is more. Pair with dress pants or jeans for a dynamic look accompanied with simplicity. 

Multicolor Mink Fur Jacket


 Simple, elegant, modern. Your go to choice for your daily routine that will match anything in your wardrobe. European finesse for you that you do not have to try hard to look classy. Featuring a low-cut collar and a boxy line. 

Pearl Mink Fur Jacket with Golden Fox Collar


There is nothing that would compliment better this pearl mink fur jacket than a luscious golden island fox fur collar. Several layers of textures and transitional color palettes. Be interesting, stand out of the rest in a luxurious way. 

Black and White Mink Fur Jacket Athena


Feel luxuriously comfortable with an all classic black and white mink fur jacket. Wide fit with a slightly tapered waist. Relaxed , casual look , ideal for the modern urban setting. 

Black and White Striped Mink Fur Stroller


A trully chic piece with a distinctive classy look and ageless style. Bring a European air to your wardrobe. Silky texture and excellent sheen. A-line and mid cut collar. Made of SAGA female mink pelts. 

Pastel Mink Fur Coat Hooded


Luxuriously casual, the combination of mink fur and synthetic fabric will transform your look. Pair with brown sunglasses and feel like a celebrity

Pearl Mink Fur Jacket


Short and sweet pearl mink fur jacket to keep you warm and comfy in the most luxurious manner. Unique SAGA mink fur texture and soft natural pearl color to illuminate your complexion and send positive vibes. 

Blue Black Mink Fur Coat


Be classy without trying hard. The low profile, matte finish of the blue-black mink fur coat will get noticed and receive compliments. Made of SAGA mink fur with dense underfur and silky guard hair. The cut is straight, and the fit is standard...

Burgundy Mink Fur Coat


Deep , rich burgundy color ideal for brunettes and dark complexion ladies. A piece that oozes class and will compliment your outfit without being over the top. Excellent hair sheen that creates a posh look for any occasion that needs glamour in a...

Pink Mink Fur Coat Roselyn


High end design with crisp lines and geometric pattern. The Roselyn mink fur coat has a modern classic design to upgrade your collection with an elite piece.   

Neon Pink Mink Fur Coat Hooded


Silhouette flattering widened bottom sweep and bell bottom sleeves. Sassy , bold neon pink color. An exciting piece to stop the show and turn heads with tons of compliments.   

Blue Iris Mink Fur Coat Adelaide


Blue iris is a highly sought for natural mink color. Enjoy the low-key design which compliments your outfit without being overwhelming. Pair with platinum earrings and a dress to steal the show and project a fine sense of gusto. 

White Sheared Mink Fur Coat with Lynx Hood Laser Sculpted

$2,000.00 $1,500.00

There is nothing not to be loved in this sculpted mink fur coat , featuring a lynx fur lined hood. Silky texture , laser sculpted 3d look fur. Excellent drape , in this entirely handmade piece of fur featuring SAGA mink skins.   

Brown Mink Fur Coat with Lynx Hood


Silky smooth mink fur  with excellent sheen paired with exotic lynx fur. A gorgeous pallette of earhtly browns to elevate your look and make you shine . Standard fit , tapered waistline and widened bottom sweep.   

Purple White Silver Mink Fox Fur Coat


A bold and creative combination of colors and textures in this purple, white , silver fur coat . Top part made of plush mink and lower part of fully let out silver fox fur. Original concept meant to attract attention and receive compliments. 

Sheared Mink fur Cape


Enjoy the lightweight elegance and supreme softness of sheared mink with this designer cape. The smooth, soft bed of premium mink fur is sheared to enhance the natural fur qualities and then styled with modern line patterns across the body and sleeve...

Gray Mink fur coat With Silver fox Collar


Stand out with this icy cool gray mink and silver fox fur coat. The main jacket is carefully constructed with wide stripes of smooth, dense mink fur. Mink is exceptionally warm and the careful layering and sewing of these pelts creates a smooth jacket...

Red Mink Fur Coat With Fox Sleeves and Collar


Dazzle and shine in this alluring red mink and fox fur jacket. Wide stripes of smooth mink fur glide across the body of the coat to create a two-tone layering affect. This texture continues on the top of the sleeves, but dramatically transitions into...