Fur Blankets and Throws

Skandinavik Fur manufactures real fur blankets  and fur throws. Our 60 year old tradition guarantees fine craftmanship and the best of raw matterials.Our fur pelts come from farms that follow the guidelines of animal welfare and sustainability. Since we are manufacturers all  our fur blankets are customizable to your personal preference , including size and lining type.Special orders ,even if not listed in the website are welcome ! Skip the middlemen and shop from your personal fur maker at better prices and higher quality.


How can I use a fur blanket or fur throw?

Fur blankets and throws are a luxurious upgrade to any living room and bedroom. The posh look and feel cannot be matched by any other fabric.They come in several sizes and colors which makes them versatile for any use and taste, With Skandinavik Fur the sky is the limit since you can get your favorite blanket in custom size, color, and fur type.

The most common use of a fur blanket or fur throw is decorative or warmth or both. Your couch, armchair and bed are the furniture your fur cover will be lying on. There is a fur type for any style of interior design. Long haired blankets like the ones made of fox will perfectly compliment a rustic designed living room and short haired blankets like one made of rex rabbit fur will be an excellent match with spaces of more modern style. Smooth textured sofas pair nicely with long or mid haired fur and textured covered couches or sofas with sheared and short haired furs.

Adding a fur blanket or throw instantly warms up visually any indoor space and creates a friendly, welcoming, cozy environment. The image of a burning fireplace. a wooden floor covered with a rug and a couch or armchair covered with fur cannot be more iconic.

Fur is the way to go when it comes to prestige and luxury. Living in a world where image relates to success, luxury items serve more often than not as investments. Think as a successful individual, look like one and become one. And even when success comes, and you want to share it with the rest then fur is at the top of the hierarchy of exotic and luxurious materials. Fur is extremely photogenic thanks to its rich texture and will enhance your social media presence, thus leveraging the image of success and prosperity.

No material can beat fur in warmth. Nature knows better and the insulation index per weight is the highest you can find. This means you get the warmest cover for the least amount of weight. Fur is breathable which translates into more comfort and less sweat when using it as a blanket.

Fur blankets and throws are ecofriendly. They are highly durable; they biodegrade when disposed and do not pollute with microfibers like synthetic ones do.

Blankets and throws made of fox fur are the most popular ones. There is something visually appealing to the long haired, fluffy fox fur. They come in several natural colors like arctic, silver, blue frost, golden, red, platinum, crystal, as well as in literally any dyed color. Blankets made of pieces have lower volumes and are lighter and significantly more economic. They are made of cut off pieces from a full pelt where the dorsal area was utilized to make a full skin garment. Skandinavik Fur applies a minimum waste policy and utilizes all parts of its fur skins. Most pieced fox fur blankets are made of the belly or paw part. Full skin fox blankets have a uniform look, are thicker and higher priced. Fox fur is better used as a cover for aesthetic purposes and enhances the aesthetics of the space. It is also an ideal solution to keep you warm as a blanket. However, it is not recommended to lie or sit upon. It is a more sensitive material, and this type of use will limit its lifespan.

Rex rabbit is another very popular fur used in home décor. It has low guard hair and rich underfur. The texture is extremely supple, and the short hair make it more durable to friction stresses. Rex rabbit fur blankets and throws have a less is more, clean, crisp modern look. Their durability and low costs make them ideal for daily use. They exhibit minimal shedding and must not be confused with regular rabbit. Rex in Latin means King. Urban and minimalistic interior design just love rex rabbit fur. Furthermore, the animal is consumed in the meat industry, and it is one of the most eco friendly furs.

Beaver fur has long, rich in keratin guard hair and rich velvety underfur. Most of the beaver comes as sheared garments in the fashion industry and fur blankets and throws are no exception. Shearing or plucking removes the guard hair which are not aesthetically pleasing and leaves a uniform underfur layer, which is ultra-soft to the touch and far more resilient for daily use. The warmth it offers is minimally affected since the underfur serves as an insulator. Although beaver fur has resilient hair the elasticity of the skin is not as strong, and this makes it a good choice for visual enhancement and blanket use but not a good candidate for sitting upon.

Mink is another luxury fur type that is used to make fur covers. Mink is popular because it combines durability, luxurious looks, and warmth. Mink fur is keratin rich and has this luxurious light reflecting sheen. The hair is durable and can take stresses for a longer time. The same applies for the skin elasticity which can last for decades. At the same time, it is supple and light weight.

Lynx fur blankets and throws set apart from the rest thanks to their unique patterns and combination of natural colors. Earthly tones, whites and spots compose an exotic, wild look. Rustic, country inspired interiors with fireplaces, wooden furniture and floors will be highly complimented by lynx fur covers. Not to mention how sexy this fur type looks. While not known to many their skin is elastic and durable and the same is for their hair resilience. Low weight and low bulk are some of their traits.

Things to consider before buying a fur blanket is the color and texture of your couch and/or armchair or any furniture that you plan to cover. Black color is a no and velvet or velvet like texture is a double no. Unless the material is leather most of all other black fabrics are likely to create bonds with fur which means that you will have to spend extra time in cleaning. Pet owners will instantly know what this means.

The choice of lining depends on the intended use. If the fur cover is to be used on armchair or couch with slippery surfaces then a velvety, stickier lining is the way to go. Satin lining, simple or quilted is ideal for fur blankets. Cashmere and silk are luxury options with superior texture which are best used in fur blankets.

How do I clean a fur blanket?

Your fur throw just like any other material will need some cleaning and care every now and then depending on how often you use it. The most effective way to keep it clean and fresh is to use a steamer and a soft brush.

  1. First comb the hair against the grain.
  2. Then steam your fur blanket meticulously.
  3. Comb it again towards the grain
  4. Steam again and let it dry and your fur blanket will be fresh and fluffy

Do not use a washing machine! If your fur blanket is heavily stained then you should have it professionally dry cleaned.

If your blanket gets a bit wet let it dry naturally on-air, preferably in an external space. If it gets soaked you may want to have the lining partially removed so that the inner skin part dries faster.

You can store it in the closet during the summer season folded with the side of the lining placed outside. If you do not intend to use it for more than 6 months then you should unfold it once every 6 months and hang it on a well-ventilated area for 3 hours minimum. 1 hour of exposure to sunlight is also recommended. For longer storage periods without use a fur storage vault is advised.

Do fur blankets and throws shed?

All furs will shed a bit over time. The excess hair can be easily removed by spraying water on the blanket and combing initially against the hair grain and then towards the grain. If you plan to use your fur cover heavily (e.g tv couch cover ) then you should opt for a short-haired fur like mink, rex rabbit, or lynx bobcat.

What fur type should I choose for my blanket or throw?

You should consider three factors

  1. Styling
  2. Usage
  3. Feel and comfort

The styling aspect is broad, subjective, and a matter of personal taste. Thanks to a huge selection, Skandinavik Fur has this covered for you. Long-haired and rugged-looking fur blankets would match perfectly a rustic, country-style look. Short-haired, sheared furs like beaver or fox have a crisper style and would match a modern interior design space. Fox is somewhere in between and is a jack of all trades. However, it comes to your personal taste and imagination. There are no boundaries and you cannot go wrong with fur.

Usage. If you intend to use it as a couch cover where you will be laying or sitting on the furry side enjoying the supple texture and warmth daily, then a rex rabbit or sheared beaver would be most practical in terms of cleaning and longevity. If you use it as a blanket or mainly as a decorative element then any fur type is suitable.

Feel and comfort. Rex and sheared beaver come to the most supple side of the spectrum. Lynx, fox, and mink are somewhere in the middle, and coyote and raccoon are the least supple furs.

Which is the softest fur blanket and which is the warmest?

The softest fur type is chinchilla but being a delicate fur type it is not recommended for such use. Rex rabbit, fox, lynx, and sheared beaver are very supple.

What type of backings do you use?

Our standard backings are made of satin or cotton. Velvet, cashmere, silk are optional and can be made on-demand. There is no limit to color, design, and material. Just ask us and we will deliver. A thin layer of wool padding is used in all of our blankets, between the skin side and the backing.

Can I order a custom size?

You most certainly can. Contact us with your desired measurements and we will send you a quote. There are no extra fees for custom sizes. The price per sq. inch or sq. cm is standard and does not change.