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Mink Fur

Pearl Mink fur coat


Bring a touch of sweetness and softness to the harsh winter months with the stunning  pearl mink coat. This coat is crafted with the highest quality full skin mink pelts. Each pelt is unique, but perfectly matched and organized to create a seamless...

Mink Fur Jacket Rex Waterfall Collar


A beige mink fur coat featuring an impressive Rex rabbit collar dyed chinchila like . This mink fur has a straight cut , is lined with beige silk linning , has side pockets and closes with furrier hooks & loops plus a neck button . The rex rabbit fur...

Multicolor Mink & Lamb Fur Vest


Epitomy of elegance , sensuality , diversity and modernity. A three tone , demi buff , dark mahogany , light mahogany and two tone lamb fur vest , all blending in a sureal combination . Textures , earthly colors , matching and contrasting , serving as a...

Mink Fur Jacket Chinchilla Collar & Cuffs


A  beige mink fur jacket featuring a chinchilla collar and matching cuffs . Brown silk inner lining , side pockets , closes with furrier hooks and loops and a top neck luxury button . Minimalistic and shophisticated design . Made to embrace your...